A Service is an android component that perform long running operations in the background. Services are categorised into two. 1 Started Service 2 Bound …




  1. samrat?? fokir's!! Reply

    Not worked in Android Oreo and above . Plz help that works in Android Oreo and pie

  2. Sunil Rathod Reply

    Hello, Sir this is Sunil Rathod. I have use the services in my application but some mobile phone not ruining continuously in background like Vivo, Oppo, MiRedmi What should i do ? Can you please Make video on this part also

  3. Abdul Wajid Reply

    Hello sir, Can you make a video on Step count app using Sensor Batching?

  4. Bro in webview i have an link it should open in specific app or in browser pls help me

  5. Martin O Dowd Reply

    this tutorial was extremely helpful and easy to follow. How can i keep the service running when API is 23 and above. Thank You.

  6. Thanks Sir, but in my case the service don't worked in background i use API 15 iceCreamSandwich can you help me plz?

  7. Meet Dhamsania Reply

    how to detect another application is launched or not continuosly in android studio. Please anyone can tell me?

  8. Make a video on service which gives toast for every 10sec even when the app is closed

  9. Andre Zorro Reply

    you cannot call your method startService as the system method startService, u just make confusion, wasted 10 minutes trying to figure It out ….

  10. Mohammad Majith Reply

    Dear Sir how to make it if application start :
    i blocked startSerivice(Intent);
    I need to call the Intent without startService calss how can i make it

  11. dennis royer Reply

    thank you, wonderful tutorial
    Is it possible to answer the incoming call by app?

  12. science NoFiction Reply

    useless tutorial, u need to show us how activity runing in the background if activity not in the view for instance on clcik button add listview to second activity but when u go back to first activity then u want to add second item on listview to second activity, the first listview item disapear why because we moved from second activity to first activity
    or do something like camera at background or phone at background do something usefull not just start and stop button with text or music player.

  13. i am using checkbox to on and off flashlight ………after starting service(flash light is on state) wen we close and open application the checkbox is showing unchecked state but still flash is in on state…..hw to solve this

  14. Igor Andrusyk Reply

    Hello. Please say me How to bind two Android Activites to one Service?

  15. Mahendra Fajar Reply

    hello sir, i want to ask.
    How do I track gps with the service?
    when the application is destroyed, I am still able to track gps

  16. Sankar Chakravarty Reply

    tutorial is good but the pictures are so hazy …plz post clear pictures.

  17. mohammad abdul khalique Reply

    Please Upload a Video for Location Updates in Service.

  18. Thank you very much from Bangkok. Your tutorial was clear and great.  Hope you and your family are very happy.

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