Adding a Progress Bar in Android Studio Source Code: Check out my channel for more Android Tutorials!


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  1. Watched your video just 1 minute and love your tutorial already <3

  2. When I try to do the data binding with the progress bar, the Error "Type parameter T has incompatible upper bounds: View and Progress Bar" occurs. I have done everything I can to solve it but it is still there. HELP!!!!!!Please!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the help , i was really looking for this thing 🙂

  4. Alexander Scorpion Reply

    Simple well explained just love it gj now i have a splash screen with loading
    while (1< 1){

  5. Luiz Antonio Reply

    It works perfectly, and the code is really small and easy to understand. Thank you so much!

  6. Plaid Shirt Guy Reply

    Don't expect him to cook a full course meal in 6 minutes. I would recommend reading about topics which you don't know, eg: Handler, Layouts, Main Activity etc. It would make sense.

  7. Thoriq Anwar Reply

    how to create when it fully loaded an go to another activity?

  8. Jeová Channel Reply

    Great Lesson, to increase on a Splash Screen how do I?

  9. To fast didn't explain the majority of things you said…

  10. Safdar Ali Shah Reply

    need Explanation ……….I just got 10% of what he say…

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