This video will demonstrate (1) how to setup a project in Android Studio, (2) how to navigate within Android Studio to build a simple Android application, and (3) …


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  1. thomas blevins Reply

    If your computer has an AMD processor like mine. You'll need to work around it. Enable Windows Hypervisor in your windows features (Type windows features into the start bar), create your AVD. Located in Tools> AVD Manager. Download Android Emulator and Android Emulator installer inside of Tools> SDK Manager>SDK tools.

    You’ll also need JDK8 and Python2 for a lot of applications. GL!

  2. Spencer Davis Reply

    Watching in 2020. A lot of small updates to Android Studio made me have to go hunt for buttons or options, but still a great tutorial. Thanks for the video!

  3. Maureen Rostad Reply

    As others have said, a few differences with the Windows version such as the Preferences (Settings in Windows), the lack of some buttons (in different places/not there in Windows), and the Virtual Device. But you can search for most of the items in the Help file. For example, just search for "Appearance" in the help as part of one of the Preferences, and the program will show you where it is – in this case, File > Settings. But, this video is really awesome. Please make more advanced coding stuff!

  4. When you write the word (addBtn) it appears to be highlighted/different color to other text in the code.

    When I type it, it stays the same color or is underlined red like it hasn’t been recognised??

    Any help?

  5. Why do they make it so complicated? It's crazy how much code is needed just to do such a simple thing. The thing I want to do is impossible for me. If i get stuck there won't be a simple way to figure out because it's so complicated.

  6. Brandon Harmse Reply

    Your videos have been the most helpful out of all the videos I have watched as a Developer myself

  7. Hernan Jugar Reply

    I noticed that if I don't put an input for the first and/or second number and then press the ADD button, the program will crash. How do I let the program evaluate an empty input as 0?

  8. Henrik Segercrantz Reply

    So Android Studio could not provide a hint on what might be the error! in these AI times….

  9. Hey, loving this video. Ive followed everything closely tho and still cant get app to run. Says error ';' expected. And says it wont allow to concatenate the last line. Any help? ive gone over the code with a fine tooth comb and cant detect the problem!

  10. Alloysius Nike Dela Cruz Reply

    Imagine making an android app using mac…But hey, the tutorial was great! Thank you.

  11. Darryl de Jesus Reply

    how do i set the program to set intellisense of onclicklistener at line 16? intellisense for onclicklistener is not working 😭😭😭

  12. samar Haymoor Reply

    It takes 15 minutes when I run the program… any help?? How can I speed up the process????

  13. RedstoneHair Reply

    I have a problem it shows as code for me the layout and the original layout was code errors witch is also why it doesn't open the Preview

  14. Nathan Phillips Reply

    i tried using the nexus 5 emulator and it didnt work so i tried the galaxy nexus one instead and that one worked. in case anyone else gets the black screen on their emulator

  15. When I put a plain text, I got error message and it says "Missing Constraints in ConstraintLayout". What should I fix this?

  16. 10 min in and already much better explanation than any other video ive watched yet. Im a noob with very little experience outside basic coding in school and it's making sense to me so far.

  17. Tanvir Hasan Reply

    "Your anti-virus program might be impacting your build performance."

  18. I GOT AN ISSUE, When i installed HAXM, then it shows me HAXM is not installed. What can i do? Thnx

  19. Jan Hendrych Reply

    Far best tutorial for learning a developing on an Android.
    Thank you man!

  20. Bradley Lacombe Reply

    If you get a virtualization error, reboot press f10 and enable the little trickster!

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