Source Code : Accidentally Deleted while cleaning up hard drive Hello guys, In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create Onboarding screen in Android …




  1. Alberto Luis Rincon Barajas Reply

    Thank you so much! it help me a lot! This is a really good tutorial!

  2. azim v3nom Reply

    how do i make this screen to display only once not everytime user login

  3. Ayush Koul Reply

    How do I make this onboading page show up only the first time the user opens the app and then never again (like how it is in most apps)

  4. Eshan Tripathi Reply

    Whatever you teach ,examples,layouts,ui etc . Are they open source??

  5. Libra Coin Reply

    you are forget this in video

    public int getCount() {

    return 3;


  6. can you use this as a viewpager mean how if there is more than 3 screen.

  7. 添加 view 后 必须 mDotLayout.removeAllViews(); 再添加

  8. Akamashi Desu Reply

    please help, i wonder if i am do anything wrong
    btnNext.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View view) {
    if (mCurrentPage==mDots.length){
    Intent intent = new Intent(SlideActivity.this,MainActivity.class);
    }else {

  9. for the people who rather use the Text section designing the UI, here it is


















  10. Robert Uomini Reply

    This is one of the best instructional videos I've ever seen for Android.

  11. Swaraj Pawar Reply

    Hello Superb Tutorial, Thanks , I want to scroll vertically .. How can we do this vertically??

  12. How can I dismiss this slider page not to show again …after the user open for first time , the slider page should not show again

  13. Praharshitha Kothuri Reply

    hey can u plss say me how to keep intent for this object,in this slide view i want to go to another activity when it is clicked on image

  14. prashant upadhyay Reply

    How to set timer fr automatic slide on onboarding screen????

  15. Nikki Dela Torre Reply

    anyone here who has issues with the for statement? int i is not being read in the array 🙁

  16. I need help I have errors in my code and I don't know how to resolve plz can someone help me?

  17. Shivam Jha Reply

    Just use CircleIndicator library from here for those dots

  18. Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337 Reply

    Works in 2019.  Android Studio 3.1.4

    Beautiful.  Works.  Had this video on one screen and Android Studio on another screen.  I set the speed to 1.5x and paused when I needed to.  Writing out the code instead of just copying and pasting is a great exercise!  Thanks Arathi!  You rock!

  19. Shaik Abdul Khadar Reply

    @10:32 when I try to initialize the arrays, I am getting error….
    Can u help?

  20. Zaheer Ahmed Ansari Reply

    can the images on each slides be made to redirect to other activities..

  21. Rabiya Moshalo Reply

    its crashing! erros appear in SlideAdapter.instantiateItem(

  22. Joel Epping Reply

    there is the source code of this project. all the credits for @TVAC Studio

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