– Android Restart Again and Again Problem SOLVED | Android Restart Problem First test if the Android phone can start in Safe …




  1. Thank you ……With this video i got my mobile in working condition

  2. My phone vibrates 3 times after 6 minutes then automatically restarts please tell me if you know how to fix this problem

  3. s u n f l a w a h a h a Reply

    But I hate the fact that I have issues with pubg mobile and cod :'D

    Whenever I enter a match… In the middle of the match it restart by itself

    That's sucks

    Gosh :'D

  4. kumar ganggguly Reply

    Mera oppo f3 internet use karne ke badd Power button puse karne ke thodi der badd apne App restart Ho jata ha Kay karu help me

  5. The best solution is that… YOU NEED TO BUY NEW PHONE… LOL
    you poor..

  6. I cant turn my s7 edge off. After pressing power button and pressing off on screen. Instead of turning off it restarts again.

  7. I have an Alcatel and I don't have safe mode, idk, can someone help

  8. My phone suddenly turn off when using mobile data what is the solution for me

  9. What is safe mode and when I turn in to safe mode what I so then? How can I find THE problem apps?

  10. Something Mysterious Reply

    Thank you bro…it actually worked for me….i unistalled the latest installed app….and now my phone is in working mode…..

  11. Its birdcatkity Reply

    Guys All i did was clean the damm thing, go as deep as you can go.
    Know ot works better than ever

  12. Charise Camus Reply

    My phone always restarting when im going to play the cyber hunter..😭

  13. Life With Aamir Reply

    Informative videos k liye #LifeWithAamir pr Click krain,

  14. Anshu Saroj Reply

    Mera micromax ka mobile h wo baar baar auto restart ho raha h . Mai kya karu plz tell me

  15. syafiq izwan Reply

    Problem..hmm every minutes my phone keep restarting again and again..any solution?

  16. Girtas Prie Vairo Reply

    my fucking dumbass phone keeps reseting every 3 seconds and i cant do jack shit even in safe mode, i guess i'll need to wait till my phone runs out of battery and this problem occured when my phone ran out of battery

  17. When i play game then suddenly auto restart!!!!What can I do????

  18. rAnDoM PlAyEr Reply

    I have HTC One m8
    It's app crashing and it auto restart but works fine in safe fine and I have not install any third-party app in my phone
    Any fix ?
    Should I change my firmware


    Thank you for given solution, I am happy with this solution.

  20. Mr Boombastic Reply

    My problem is if my phone hits the ground or if I drop it on the table it would restart.

  21. This started to happen to my j32017 when I installed a game,it was working perfectly then I heard a buzzing noise then the phone restarted itself.

  22. THANK U SO MUCH,I dont know but I deinstaled last song which I downloaded and its work normaly.

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