Hey guys,
here is another video as I haven’t been so active the two previous weeks. I’m back on android, and today I will show how to fix the recovery mode error.

Intro song:

Video song:

Best Android Screen recorder:

Software I use to edit:

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My phone:


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  1. My phone is stuck in recovery mode snd everytime I press reboot it goes back to recovery mode idk what to do

  2. Lehlohonolo Noge Reply

    Thanks a million man. This video really helped me. I was on the verge of taking this phone for repairs. I knew I could fix my own phone, but was at my wits end not being able to fix it. Really really helpful, man.

  3. Kory Leonard Reply

    Help! My phone keeps on sending me to recovery mode. I can't even select the settings.

  4. Abdul khadar Reply

    how can i solve this if my power button is not working

  5. Kenneth Corless Reply

    Thank you so much!! I woke up and my phone was stuck like this. Now my problem is solved.

  6. Andreas Ails Reply

    Ok so I got there …and you said this is the fix…which option do I take…arghh

  7. asian gamer live Reply

    my phone freeze and i cant do anything you fucking shit you broke my phone and is not gonna fix anymore f***k you

  8. Rommel Cano Reply

    woooooow bro thank you so mucho works perfectly with me !! btw in my case was in the 12 time pressing 3 bottons

  9. A friend gave me this phone (S7 Edge) and asked if I could fix it, starting it up it says "No Command"
    Recovery don't work the way you showed, the phone just don't do anything, no matter how many times I press the 3 buttons.
    FRP Lock is still on.
    I genuinely don't know what to do anymore.

  10. Abhi Saini Reply

    Bhai when I done a reset it is not opening what I do phone micromax unite 2

  11. King of Roms Reply

    sir please reply i want to install twrp i have it before but after installing a rom this error is coming how can i get back my twrp pl help

  12. Hey..I'm not getting the recovery mode when I press the buttons…what do I do

  13. Zoey Crowell Reply

    All i did was drop my phone and im stuck on recovery mode

  14. Jayashree Kundu Reply

    My phone goes off after I saw the no command…..what can I do now plz tell me…

  15. Xavior Moreno Reply

    I have a stlyo 2 lg day no command I tried everyway with buttons in bk nothing

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