Google released Android Q Beta 6 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO,OnePlus, Xioami and many more devices. I show you all the new features including changes to gestures, camera app changes, home screen changes and more on the Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

Android Q Beta –
Android Q Changes –

Panasonic GH5 –
Leica Lens –
Memory Card –
🎤 Microphone
Heil PR40 –
Focusrite 2i2 –

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  1. TᖇᗩᑕᎩ ᖺᖇᗩאᘐ Reply

    Androids are terrible but iPhones are amazing

  2. Bearded Bro Reply

    Put beta 6 on my p3xl today, gotta's amazing! Performance is out the roof. The fastest android has ever been! New features are very welcome. Gestures are great now! Love the in system accent color changing, font changing, and icon shape changing. (Those settings are at bottom of dev settings)

  3. Kripesh Kumar Reply

    Bro plz can u tell in stock and android one program the both apps in split screen run simultaneously in android Q ???

  4. billy fatbowe Reply

    ….there are a lot of ok voices on utube for tek info…
    …but yours is the most pleasant….;;–),,,,,,,,,

  5. zaza mukhtar Reply

    hmmmm the navigation bar on mine is still there. and the font for my phone has changed as well as the battery and wifi icon. but the phone became super fast

  6. I have a cheap galaxy a10 with android 9 and i ain't have beta for android 10😅

  7. Walker Pautz Reply

    I switched from Samsung to Pixel 3 because I wanted purity. That experience was quickly ruined because I had to install Nova Launcher. All I wanted was less app icons per screen. That's it. I'm not a nerd. I'm busy. I don't enjoy playing with 1 million settings.
    Will Android 10 still not offer that option?

  8. Rizky Kazuto Reply

    I watched the content when the creator says ios and android os will have a lot of differences on the future.

    Its convinced me, but hey.

    Here we comes now,
    Look, even the gesture was look similiar, since android lollipop everything look very close and similar,

    And i prefer iOS, i wonder why poeple hate apple and its OS,

  9. Demetri Postway Reply

    Is there any way to make the gesture navigation bar invisible?

  10. If i install this will i lose my data updating to the stable android 10 when it releases?

  11. Can't wait to hop back on Android with a Pixel 4; it's looking really good.

  12. Sunny Ahuja Reply

    Headlines are Google Sans font I can see that.
    Content fonts are roboto?

  13. Saurabh Parmar Reply

    I'm using OnePlus 7 Pro, and the gestures are very easy, intuitive & fluid. Android should really follow that. Why change a simple primary method that is perfect?

  14. Did you see that playstore when the out animation.. So laggy low

  15. Finally, some Android goodness 🤗 The wallpaper is dope too ✅

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