All of the most notable features as part of Android Q Beta 3. Preorder your dbrand Pixel 3a skins: Thanks, dbrand, for sponsoring our Google …


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  1. computerkid1416 Reply

    Being able to return to the "pill" or three button navigation is nice, but I have a feeling it'll be removed in the final version, like it was for P. So we might as well accept that fully gestural navigation is the future (not that it's necessarily a bad thing, it'll just take some getting used to).

  2. Master Superblaster Reply

    The notch on the device in this video is HIDEOUS!

  3. Carl Thorman Reply

    How does no one doing the Q beta 3 videos not know the gesture to activate Google Assistant? Slide from one side of the bottom to the middle of the phone in the center. Like a diagonal swipe. I wish someone would show it.

  4. I am an Android geek and moreover, a Google fanboy and just discovered your channel. So it was simple, I subscribed!

  5. They should have done this along time ago seems like there running out of ideas

  6. Looks like Google is still trying to catch up with Samsung. I say about time on some of these. Samsung UI FTW. I absolutely love my Note 8. My wife has Pixel and it's nice but lacking compared to Samsung One UI

  7. abdanev jopa Reply review..since Liverpool destroyed Barca in the background

  8. gio235rulez Reply

    Would Beta 3 be alright to use on my daily driver, or should I hold off until the last few betas are showcased?

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