The latest update to Android 10 Q is here! Check out the new gestural navigation system along with other added features! Subscribe for more: …




  1. wish google would just make the damn nav bar transparent

  2. Ch'ng Sean Eu Reply

    Dear Google, pls bring the time and date for the phone history, and t9 dial pad and speed dial. Before you improve these fancy stuff like dark mode or gesture. I believe it's more useful.

  3. Deebz Bent Reply

    I had a Huawei P Smart 2018 with the exact gesture navigations. The phone was running Android 8… So they ban Huawei and steal their features.

  4. Honestly, iOS has the best gesture system I've ever used. I'm so glad Google is copying it

  5. Videoforum Reply

    Wow those gestures are not smooth at all.. Need alot of more work to make them feel as smooth as on oneplus/huawei/ios..

  6. Aman Setia Reply

    those caption setting have been in android for a long time, i don't think they have option to enable live captions

  7. computerkid1416 Reply

    My guess is that they're going to remove the option and force gestural navigation on us, similar to what happened with the pill in Pie, but we'll see.

  8. Tommy Gyllenflykt Reply

    too much to read if it has been posted before .. but you can swipe at an angle to get to the menu

  9. Android QuoioyooyeooopuyopoyuOOoOOoOOouiiii-911 That's what it will be called. Confirmed!

  10. Armen Mkrtumyan Reply

    Android Beta 4 goes out.
    YouTube: oh great, let's recommend Android Beta 3

  11. Interesting. It looks like Android Q is Samsung One UI, but not as good. It's no wonder Google I/O has been a total snooze fest since Marshmallow…….unless you're a stock nerd. 😴

  12. shalomander Reply

    Di5es the keyboard get bumped up if youre using gestures?
    I dont mind trying gestures but the keyboard sinking a whole cm down the screen is pretty annoying

  13. Nico and the niners Reply

    They should've used MIUI or OnePlus gestures instead of iOS , just saying

  14. Nico and the niners Reply

    Those Huawei-ish icons are the most ugly thing I've ever seen. guess I'll use a 3rd party launcher

  15. I mean yeah Google is copying from Apple with the navigations, but in the end we get a better gesture nav 🤷🏿‍♂️. Win for the consumer

  16. How do you go back on webpages in chrome I can go to a page but if I want to go back to previous page you can't

  17. I'm already used to the pill button navigation. I'm glad we're getting a choice though.

  18. Blaine Peoples Reply

    What about stability? I understand that this is a beta. But what about stability for every day use? And battery life comparison?

  19. Joshua Stanford Reply

    Did this man really explain what captions are for? Does he think we are retarded?

  20. Uchiha Madara Reply

    the Q is designed to look like a 10 so it looks like they're ready to drop the whole desert food naming scheme

  21. Stefan Genov Reply

    Great video can't wait I got pixel 2xl. And i am still pretty happy

  22. Thanks Tim for sharing this with us
    Could you please check dual sim active or not in this version ?

  23. Bima Sudiarto Reply

    Is there any particular reason you had to talk outside, with the glasses on?

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