The second beta of #AndroidQ brings gesture changes and notification bubbles among other under-the-hood changes. Here are the top new features you need …




  1. Chinarut R Reply

    @1:17 we can expect some "evil-ution" 😈 don't be evil! 😂

  2. There is a lite version even better for older Android version here. It supports customizing which notifications should be shown in bubble. I like use bubble when get messages cause I can read them easier than from heads up.

  3. How do you activate the chat bubbles I can't get mine to work

  4. The God Emperor of Mankind Reply

    I ain't sold on the gesture navigation, I like me the back button. Always there, always reliable

  5. Looks like quite a few under the hood improvements which are needed. They need to improve optimization and battery life. And they really need to improve navigation! That's clunky as hell in Pie! A system wide dark mode would definitely help matters! Should be very interesting to see what's to come before public release. 🙏🏻

  6. These new updates don't make no sense there running out for ideas just a few changes

  7. D'Intensity Master Reply

    Since huawei ended its service to give bootloader unlock codes.
    Does anyone know how to unlock bootloader on a huawei device?
    Specifically my huawei nova 2i.
    I have been desparate to unlock my nova 2i's bootloader for about 6 months now😭
    I really want to root it so that i could possibly push more juice out of my pgone and possibly install a custom os (if there is one available)
    Although my device was listed in the gpu turbo update, i didint recieve a description relaring to gpu turbo.
    Please anyone.
    Im very tired right now as i have been seaeching the internet for ways to phone's bootloader.😭

  8. Jacob Bishop Reply

    Why the bubbles when the status bar does the same thing and more

  9. Oscar Mercado Reply

    It took away access for my folders and pictures on photos 😡

  10. Decebal Trandafir Reply

    Google i want to block wifi for apps. Please introduse this usefull feature.

  11. Karthik Udupa Reply

    lol chat bubble is a cluster bubble. It's an failed idea and should be left behind

  12. People always rave over "stock android" and "timely updates" and yet when Google's not playing catch up to Samsung, they're copying iOS… what do they ever do in any of these newer Android versions that's actually NEW?

  13. Baju Kemeja Reply

    Notification bubble best.
    Please remove navigation bar. Please make it like iPhone or miui gesture.
    Or atleast, hide navigation bar and keep the home button only. No need back button. I always accidentally touch back button and need to reload again when browsing.

  14. This has to STOP. We just barely had Pie and here we have another "version" of Android with useless features and minimal improvements. Everything's going downhill after Nougat. What a waste of updates

  15. Telering Dataspesialisten Reply

    Nougat is less annoying & Oreo still faster! Why replace em? :<

  16. Retrobellite Reply

    Want to know the further of android? Look into ONE UI.

  17. SoConFuzzled Reply

    They cover my screen all the damn time with FB I don't need more

  18. Mobile Tech Point Reply

    Google add features in each Android versions and our phones always be stuck at versions when we bought our phone. That's Android!! 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  19. Chemy Torres Reply

    Kind of nice new features, or copied features? Anyways nice video

  20. Calean Sixes Reply

    Sitting here with my Samsung laughing as we have had this with the new One Ui. S8 phones and up.

  21. I am still waiting to get android 9.0 for my motorola g6 play still on android 8.0

  22. WhatDoesntkillYa Reply

    oh look more features found on android skins appearing on stock android. – Bubbleheads – samsung feature.
    everyone on this channel and comments section love to crap on android skins yet stock android is always so far behind with these features.

  23. Brian Channel Reply

    Of course I'm running the Galaxy S10+ so I probably won't see Q til at least January so I can't get too excited for the new OS

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