Google released Android Q Beta 1 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel devices. I show …




  1. Ant Vidalis Reply

    Hello Zollotech! The weather doesn't show in the 'at a glance' widget. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks!


    Great work.👍 This is the most in depth coverage of Android Q beta 1.

  3. Ok..I will call samsung rn,how long I'm gonna wait pie version ? And now new version just come out. Shit.

  4. Rafael Navas Reply

    I am using pixel 3 xl and I installed the beta and for me doesn't work some of the gestures

  5. After u enable Freeform Windows you have to restart the device and it will work !!! Try it

  6. Tech with ravi Reply

    Android Q update is very nice to see….#techwithravi

  7. Colin Steinberg Reply

    Finally, Google is stepping up their update game to support older Android devices.

  8. Caio Iamondi Reply

    Thanks a lot for the quality videos! I was looking for great and detailed video about Android Q and here I am 🙂 and thanks for always upload every build for iOS beta and stuff, it's really weasome the outdoor videos

  9. Thiago Santos Reply

    I've installed Android Q Beta in my Google Pixel 1 (yeah, it's also available for it :D). It's running with some bugs but I can already see many differences from the Pie

  10. Mirza Rizwan baig Reply

    You do recommend to install this on main phone? I've Pixel 2 XL and curious to know.

  11. MrCool Mr.coool Reply

    I got it when I go back to pic I lost alot of my things so it's ffff up my phone I'm ffffing pisssss offff

  12. Justin Jones Sr Reply

    Whats the point of night mode if half the system apps are white and half are black? I want to see everything black. I wish developers start adding black mode on apps.

  13. Luke Williams Reply

    The Drawing pad thing you described is actually part of Android P rather than Q, it wasn't initially in the first build of P but was added later on

  14. keith staunton Reply

    That’s a sick phone really nice. I know now why you like Android 👈 great video 👊

  15. Andrew Hoffman Reply

    I'm glad to see Android Q has gone over to the dark side- Darth.

  16. Talwinder Singh Reply

    I did update while dark mode on my pixel 2 xl is enabled same as you and i lost edge functionality. I can't use active edge now on my pixel 2 xl android q beta 1

  17. Runakanta Takhelmayum Reply

    I didn't have the dark theme when i updated to Q

  18. SirGenesis206 Reply

    You're the best channel for all the tech I own. I am now a iPhone Xs, iPad pro 11 inch, pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S10+, LG V40, Gear S3 and Moto Z2 owner.

    Needless to say, I appreciate you covering both platforms.

  19. Ripple Effect Reply

    nothing NEW. We want screen recording, airDROP . ICloud lock kind of security.

  20. Kenwood Zeu Reply

    Have any good app store for android now? Google play can not use in China.

  21. Very nice and informative video
    Also it's nice that you make videos for both platforms it's definetely a good thing

  22. They should make rounded corners to widgets too.
    If you change icons to square or squircle then the icons from quick notification change too(instead of circle as were on pie).
    Google photos looks messed up in dark mode.
    Gboard , sometimes has no vibration feedback.
    Overall on the right path 👍

  23. Flawless Films LLC Reply

    Looks like a generic iPhone…. the little brother wants to be like the big brother soooo bad!

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