This video demonstrate how to send a simple push notification to an android app using the firebase cloud messaging console. Like my Facebook page …


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  1. Shujat Munawar Reply

    Please always share the code repo 🙂
    Nice and excellent job
    Thanks lot

  2. Bangla Tips Reply

    FirebaseInstanceIdService – is not available in android studio now. Please make a new video

  3. Nurul Husna Reply

    hello sir in the Firebase Mesagging for line 'NotificationCompat.Builder notificationBuilder = new NotificationCompat.Builder(this)' it said the notificationcompat.builder is deprecated. What should i do to solve this problem. tq sir

  4. Aniket Shewale Reply

    I have one problem. Time on notification is showing when app is foreground. but time is not showing when app is background. Anybody has solution?

  5. Nutan Kawale Reply

    sir please tell me how to open particular fragement to click on push notification

  6. Saravana Murali Reply

    Extending FirebaseInstanceIdServcie is now deprecated how can i now extend it.

  7. James Goforth Reply

    Does anyone know where tutorials up to date on this subject are?

  8. Sam Williams Reply

    Will I be able to push notification to anybody who downloaded my app?

  9. المفترس Reply

    Hello sir,how to add notification from my site example you have new message?

  10. it works perfect. but i want to show large text notification , what can i do ?

  11. vikas gupta Reply

    sir i need your help.i m not able to receive notification kill condition in Oreo 8.1 of oppo mobile .and i also set firebasedispatch library for job service .it's also not working in oppo Oreo 8.1. Nothing background services work and at all . So please suggest me how can i get notifications from firebase in Oreo8.1 .its working only for background and foreground but not apply on killed condition. thank you.

  12. Joseph Ali Reply

    thank you very much, is it possible to add notification sound ?!
    i tried many things still didn't work.

    Uri soundUri = Uri.parse("android.resource://" + getApplicationContext().getPackageName() + "/" + R.raw.ebell);

  13. Nawaz Ahmed Reply

    Super Explanation & clear voice also thank you very much

  14. Shahid Mehsud Reply

    Dear How many years you have experience in android ?

  15. Mani kandan Reply

    sorry to say this please change your mike ..if am hearing your voice using Headphones more irritating ..please check by yourself

  16. THE ROYAL 11 Reply

    Hello Sir, I am here for a request. Due to new FCm documentation I can see only FireStore being used in the JavaScript function for Push notification. Can we not do the same query using Real-time Database. Please help me.

  17. Mage Bharath Reply

    Error: """""No matching client found for package name 'com.mapol.vollydemo' """""""" i changed the package name to 'com.mapol.vollydemo' in manifest the package name in json and manifest are same but i am getting this error , how to fix it plz help me any one

  18. THE ROYAL 11 Reply

    Here we are sending notification manually , how to do that automatically Sir. Please make a video on that.

  19. Jatinder Mohan Reply

    i got the registration token first time but now when i tried it again m not getting token??

  20. Dhiman Brothers Reply

    thanks sir
    please make video for recieve notification while app is kill/closed.
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    thanks in advance

  21. Imran Uppal Reply

    message does not send, firebase console shows sending error message

  22. iEditingStudios Reply

    I am not getting the REG_TOKEN in the Logcat. I've reinstalled the app and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!

  23. Devpushp Ohri Reply

    Anyone facing "Service connection failed: ConnectionResult{statusCode=SERVICE_VERSION_UPDATE_REQUIRED, resolution=null, message=null}" issue. If yes, then kindly suggest for same.

  24. Devpushp Ohri Reply

    We can use TaskStackBuilder also while creating notification… right na ??

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