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  1. srtghfnbfg Reply

    I mainly want to unlock to be able to install linux and run, my phone has 6GB ram + 128GB internal + microSD; so it's basically a mini-computer in my hand that I can't use until I unlock the bootloader. Oh yeah, except that it's huwaei phone so unlocking isn't possible anymore anyways..

  2. Does unlocked bootloader gives you further security and it is safe??

  3. PRO Player Reply

    Just a short advice guys
    Never do not unlock your bootloader because i unlocked it on Xiaomi Mi A2 and google uncertified my device

  4. John TheJinx Reply

    I always want to root my devices because its the only way to get full Admin rights, just as i & everyone does on there PC's .. It is everyone's right to have full Admin level control especially when paying over 1000$ for a mobile or tablet device..

    Mobile & Tablet devices should be treated no different than a PC, but supposedly the loop hole comes from a regulation regarding CD format & Disc players, basically a mobile device is still considered to be a 'device that holds & plays copyrighted media' which in mobile terms would be Google services, products & Android, apps etc.. PC is not of course..

    If Android just stayed Android pure Open Source instead of selling to Google then it would not be so easy for manufacturer's to restrict devices..

  5. gaming 101 Reply

    So bootloader unlocks your phone if you forgot your password comment yes if I'm right

  6. Naruto Uzumaki Reply

    The bootloader is a big piece of shit becouse I can't roor

  7. Ransom Messenger Reply

    The saddest part is the US variants are locked literally the only thing that brought me to android because we could customize and do whatever we wanted is locked by carriers.

  8. Greg Lopez Jr. Reply

    This is incredible information…
    THIS was made back in 2012 at that !smh! This is the best video I have ever come across explaining Bootloader.
    I have tried to search up and down YT at that. SO MUCH SHIT, LIES, SCAMS, ETC.


  9. BrokeBrick Reply

    My little cheap Hisense phone is what android is supposed to be. All I did was enable the developer settings and it literally gave me a setting right there.

  10. Elaine Cochrane Reply

    The boot loader os available if you press hard reset button.I have a problem my phone is on a loop on logo screen.i brought up the options by pressing hard reset I've gone through reboot etc but still stuck on loop.Any ideas.

  11. Why does it say on my tablet "unlock bootloader" even tho my tablet ain't rooted

  12. thks for the video sir, but i just want to know what is the main problem wich causes android stuck on logo when booting? does it has anything to do with the bootloader unlocking?

  13. baby_echa alexa angela b. toledo Reply

    do i need to unlock the bootloader of my phone to root it

  14. Sir Stevie Reply

    2018 Anyone?

    Just revived an upgraded Motorola from my provider and I've still been using my older model for games to keep my new one running smooth, I revived an update on my older model and now it's just starting up and shutting down continually.

    I'm pretty tech savvy when it comes to phones but I've never come across this bootloader screen ever when trying to reboot a phone, under bootloader it says device locked any reason why?

    Does this mean the provider of my phone 'which I've paid for by the way' have locked it?

    Replies would be appreciated!

    Thanks Steve.

  15. kees staps Reply

    thanks great simple explained about bootloader now have to learn the rest before attempting this on my note4 edge

  16. Mark Renfro Reply

    Really enjoyed the lesson. I think I got most of it. I probably will get a refresher again jus to stimulate my brain. Ty. LoveEverybody Because They Deserve Love!

  17. David Hartin Reply

    It's harder to relock or find information on doing so unlocking it was easy because the company released everything we needed

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