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  1. No fast very bad 😧😔😔😔 no saport memory card no saport 4k

  2. The buttons where never gone in Android P.. There is a OPTION for choosing the good old buttons or the crappy new gestures

  3. Star Butterfly Reply

    After Android Pie, I wonder if we will have a version Q or will we just go to Reese’s beanie butter cups?

  4. Random User Reply

    Why does he sound like chillafrilla if anyone remembers him

  5. Max Jefferison Reply

    2:32 I absolutely HATE this, plus Samsung didn't even do that, they just got 3 slabs that did a similar thing

  6. Mathew Kenrick Reply

    Android P or 9(9.0) has been confirmed as codename Pie.

  7. The Clockwork Cadaver Reply

    This whole update is adding a bunch of features iOS has had for years. I thought that was the main point Android users had against iOS — the features? Whoops.

  8. Sparky Sharky Reply

    Display notches are dumb as fuk, at least galaxy s10 didn't do such a bad job with theirs. But I will stay with my galaxy s9 until there's a new galaxy without a notch.

  9. Mɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ Kɪʟʟᴇʏ Reply

    Nokia 6 2017 model will now get upgraded to android pie

  10. Why not completely upgrade os after few years bringing all features at once (like ios) instead of releasing android version every year with silly names.

  11. Ry Lanfersieck Reply

    they totally should have named it android poptart then just had it be a hotpocket

  12. Gesture-based navigation was pioneered by BlackBerry in 2012, not Apple!

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