This is a video of android 8.1.0 oreo vs android 7.1.2 nougat vs android 6 marshmallow vs android 5.0 lollipop vs android 4.4.4 kitkat in terms of antutu and …


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  1. Best android version android 2.3 and android jellybean 4.1and 4.2 the better for my Android 2.3.4 the older version

  2. Loaf of Bread Reply

    Am i the only who noticed that you put oreo in the graph higher than Lollipop while lollipop in the first test was higher

  3. Jonas Wenner Reply

    Antutu is very very fake. But Base Mark is real benchmarking tester

  4. KitKat>all
    5.1 was okay, but ANYONE who used anything above knows about… screen overlay…

  5. 2010 JABULANI Reply

    What your name Android future:10.0 P ?
    11.0 Q ?
    12.0 R?
    13.0 S?
    14.0 T?

  6. Nabin Rawal Reply

    I loved nougat version coz mine named begin from N😂

  7. Black Shibe Reply

    i have a sony xperia SP, it performs horribly on the stock ROM (4.3) but upgrading it to official lineage 15.1 made it smooth af

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