Android TV 8.0 or Android TV Oreo is a major update to the Android TV operating system for connected TV devices and Smart TV’s. The new look features a …




  1. Pete Sittirug Reply

    Can you confirm if official Prime Video app is now available for Android TV?

  2. Jose Jimenez Reply

    el dia de ayer se actualizo el mio aca en costa rica,y trabaja perfecto

  3. Altromondo Rimini Reply

    It's faster but for me unusable. SPMC, KODI and VLC player fot watching movies not work anymore. You must format a drive to FAT32 to access the files, meaning 2GB max movie file and 32GB max drive size. There seems to be a problem between Android Oreo and Kodi, that only external drives with Fat32 formats are accessible, while other disk formats are not working for some reason. You are not alone, others have mentioned this problem as well.

  4. abhilash dv Reply

    home button long press used to show all the running apps allowing to close the background ones.. looks like disabled now which makes the TV slow sometimes.. any alternate key to close the background apps?

  5. Orin Davenport Reply

    Nice video but i couldnt help but notice that i didnt see anything about being able to change the tv wallpaper

  6. Not a very impressive review. I got the feeling the presenter hadn't prepared what to say.

  7. Salar Yousef Reply

    Nice in depth video! Any one know how to kill background apps before I use to hold the home button but now it opens the app menu thank you

  8. After my Sony TV upgraded to 8.0, pressing home button cannot bring up background apps anymore, is there anyone know how to bring up background apps?

  9. the new youtube app on android tv fucking sucks too, the old one was very youtube-esque now its like a bullshit appletv style app thats shit to navigate…

  10. I hate the new app drawer and organization layout…. for people who have a lot of apps its a bitch to side scroll they should have kept them in rows….

  11. Konstandinos Avyerinopoulos Reply

    Got an android box yesterday with android tv 6 and i just updated to 8 and i hate the look of it. Version 6 looked so clean and posh. This looks badly designed. I m very disappointed.

  12. I'm trying to find someone that will trade me an android tv for my fire tv stick.

  13. soleno salia Reply

    how do I access audio from headphones.
    On my mi box. The audio plays simultaneously on the headphone as well as the speaker of the tv.
    How do I switch between the two ?
    Since sounds menu is quite different than that of marshmallow.

  14. Joseph Ballance Reply

    I removed all apps on home screen and went into " play next" there was 2 apps in there you tube and nvidia games. How do I get to put all apps into play next . I am trying to customize the screen and install rows.

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