Android One gives you a stock Android experience (like the Google Pixel) with no bloatware or software skin on top. Android One Phones (e.g. Motorola One …


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  1. Vinodkumar C k Reply

    Where I Can find .nomedia file or tell how to create .nomedia inth

  2. suvashish nath Reply

    Sir what happened after 2 years when android one expired. It's because mi A3 is provide android one for 2 years.

  3. Daniel Barnard Reply

    Do people still do custom ROM flashing though? It's possible to have stock android on pretty much any device. I've done it on all my phones for nearly a decade now.

  4. Michael DeOliveira Reply

    The Moto Razer I believe is running Android one, and it's a flagship…☺️📱📈

  5. Bernie Rubber Reply

    Can't stand Android / Google phones and don't like Apple either. Is there even any other options? All phones seem to be the same these days. Please someone give me a suggestion that is none of the aforementioned

  6. Chris Bakhito Reply

    Hello, many thanks for your hints. I am just about to buy a new phone because my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 does not want to install certain Apps any more. It has Android 5.0 /Miui 9 and no more updates – very annoying! A quick question: "if Xiaomi Mi A2 or A3 has Android One – does it mean that there is no more MIUI? Would they get upgrades on Android with time? Would you say that A2 or A3 are good potential options?
    I see also certain phones with Android Go. Is it the same principle? Xiaomi Redmi Go with Android 8.1 Go Edition.

    Many thanks for your kind help. Christophe

  7. Hi! Um….My Mi A3 just arrived and there's one issue with the Android One: the person emojis,are only womens(for example,I have only the Woman Shrugging and not the Man Shrugging). So how can I change the font on an Android One?

  8. Jeong-hun Sin Reply

    Who names these things? Android one? When there is Android 10? Way to confuse people.

  9. Monica Moreno Reply

    Hmm, I really love EMUI though! My honor 7x has held up great and is easy to use…

    But with all the Huawei controversies I think it's time to switch?

  10. Marshmallow Puff Reply

    Nokia should keep using Android One and put an emulated Nokia Phone from the Symbian Era On it like they do with the new Razr . That would rock . Ye olde 6600 🤤

  11. Stromian Amanar Reply

    It is true that if your phone had a stock android software running in it, it would always get updated by google?

  12. Thanks for the informations regarding this android one. Hope to got some gift from you lol send me that pocco phone thanks

  13. Emmanuel Goldstein Reply

    Android One is basically Google realizing that the Apple way is the better way of doing things. I predict that someday, when everyone finally realizes that stock anything is better than the costumized ones, there would only be iPhones and Google Pixels in this world. As how things should be, a brand that creates the hardware AND the software. No more open source anything.

  14. Xiaomi is already doing Android One at a premium. I think every company should be making atleast a mid range Android One phone. It gives them access to sales they wouldn't get otherwise. Google already recognized this and began to offer the Pixel 3a, but why let Google have all the fun. Personally any time I buy a phone that deviates too much from stock Android it will get a custom rom. Manufacturers need to realize that there are other ways to add value to the phone without making it confusing or inconvenient. For example, Xiaomi aggressively closes apps to save battery out of the box. Sony on the other hand has Stamina mode that has to be enabled. The same goal is being accomplished, but I don't have to nearly throw my phone out of the window trying to figure out why every app is being closed with a Sony phone versus the Xiaomi phone.

  15. Is it true that Android One devices are the next most secure & consistently supported Android phones after the Pixel line?

    I’m looking to switch from iphone because I think Apple phones have unfortunately just become monstrous rip offs.

    I want immediate updates, especially security updates…but even feature updates as long as my phone hardware can support it…of course this should be for a reasonable amount of time like at least 3-4 years from date of release of the phone, considering many of us don’t buy phones at release, wait for a while to see reviews & manufacturing issues, and also for the prices to drop slightly. These are some of the economical advantages of android IMO.

  16. Can I find an Android one phone for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile?

  17. Charles Chaim Kohl Reply

    I own a pixel 3, but if Samsung would offer a flagship with Android one, I would definitely consider it for my next phone

  18. Mohammed Gulfraz Reply

    I remember when phones such as Samsung Galaxy series and HTC One series came in 2 versions. Default version and Stock Android versions. I think they were called Google Play Edition. I would love a phone such as Galaxy S10 but with stock android. For now i use Pixel phones purely for the stock android and user experience while sacrificing what the phone looks like because i always cover them with a case.

  19. Pierre Kerchner Reply

    Android One has almost no lobby/marketing … no average consumer knows this …

  20. can anyone please let me know what is blue colour graph type board is called which is placed on table

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