Here is my look at Google’s Android One programme for the cheap and affordable Android Smartphones. Bringing Pixel software to third party devices.




  1. Brix Flores Reply

    So in my Mi a2 lite was released in android 8 amd can only updated to android 10!!!

  2. Abishek Rajkumar Reply

    Does every pixel phone or Android one device get a unlimited GB on google photos?

  3. bought a Nokia X6(6.1plus)
    costed 150euro , running Android one
    SUUUUPER happy with it
    huge update over ma old … outdated Samsung A6 from 2016 lol

  4. Bro, you forgot the legendary smartphone brand. NOKIA..the have more android one smartphone than xiaomi. You better see an check it out and what the difference between them. MiA1 Vs Nokia 6.1 or any nokia android one smartphone that fits the review over other androin one device. 👍🙂😎👊✌️

  5. #TheTechGirl Reply

    also check out

  6. You forget Nokia was the best built and sold phone out there! And it's coming BACK! STRONG! Hopefully it'll take Apple out of its misery 🖕

  7. Mauricio Hernández Reply

    Just buy a Xiaomi mi a1, with android one and is the best experience for me so far

  8. Question. I am visually impaired and I am thinking about getting a phone with Android One. I caanot find an answer to this. How are the accessibility options? Does it have a zoom feature? Like on my Samsung, I can enable a feature in which I can tap the screen three times and it will zoom in on the screen then I can pinch and zoom to change the zoom level. Is this available in Android One?

  9. MeLikePoopies Reply

    Best explanation of Android One I've seen so far. Great work

  10. So what happens after 2 years? How will I update my Android One phone?

  11. Is it a trick of the light or is your nose really red? It looks sore…..:(

  12. Karabo ManneZA Reply

    Wish I could overwrite emui on my p20 lite coz i can see that hauwei wont be supporting this phone next month

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