The Android N Developer Preview is now available (shocking, I know) and we’ve got a 2 part video series to show you what’s new. In this first video, we take a …




  1. Dede Vaughn Reply

    mine gets on total silence all the time by mistake. I hate it. is there a way for it not to be accidently hit when dropping down the menu???

  2. Ben Knight Reply

    hamburger menu in the settings is definitely useful for navigation; everyone has that moment where they leave a settings page, scroll down and then think to themselves "hmmm, maybe i shouldn't have left that so quickly, now i've got to find it again", and the hamburger menu puts a stop to that since all you have to do is push the draw back in.

  3. android n seems a bit like custom rom with an app drawer running on old flagship phones from china…like Miui from Xiaomi or Emui from Huawei…

  4. Eric Thomas Reply

    I'm hoping the nexus 7 and 7x will be small and metal..

  5. Hermo Genes III Galvez Reply

    that "N" would be NIPS i think. haha. nice OS

  6. GrimeGenie Reply

    Android N has got to be better than the current battery draining shit Google is calling Marshmallow.

  7. Mark Kian Profogo Reply

    When will this be available on Android One devices

  8. Finally an Android N preview that isnt some indian with his shit accent that isn't understandable

  9. Larry Schlutt Reply

    because of the hand talking I'm not going to finish the video. so annoyed by people that do that. like I can't understand english? I'm getting old lol

  10. Smellavision Reply

    N stands for nobody cares about android updates anymore.

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  12. Android N stands for Nan khatai which is Indian sweet which is confirmed by Google ceo Sundar Pichai

  13. Guys,i am new to Android and i would like to ask something about the sound volume:
    1- is it possible to silence the phone and still set the alarm clock to ring?
    2- I like to set the ringing volume to a low level,what if i open youtube for example? will the iphone automatically set the volume to max and then to my personal setting again when done watching?

  14. TeknosQuet Reply

    Is this coming out in like September or October or some month around that time, or now?? Android Marshmallow already came out 6 months ago and it's only March

  15. Márton Kardos Reply

    Lot of this features are working already in Dirty Unicorns 6.0.1

  16. Nouman Butt Reply

    Seriously? You've just wasted 1:50 seconds before touching the phone. Please don't do this again.

  17. Elias Valle Reply

    Guys!!! Like This Comment !!! Googles doing a Partnership With NERDS the CANDY!!! THATS WHY ITS CALLED ANDROID N!!

  18. SomeCallMeShady Reply

    "shrink that up" 3:58 what do you mean???? xD

  19. I tried it for two days and honestly it worked for me very good. didn't find anything bad. if you are not a power user no worries download it

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