Android Material Music Player Tutorial, in this part of tutorial I am going to show you the way to complete the design of the music player app. Here I am going to …




  1. Nariman88D Reply

    Good job! But is it good practice to use nested linearlayouts? Because Google recommends to use Constraintlayout instead of linearlayout. What do you think about it?

  2. Momin Shoaib Reply

    Beautiful design dude !!! I need help with one problem though, when I am adding gradle dependencies this error happens, idk how to fix it, please help !

    "ERROR: Failed to resolve:

    Show in Project Structure dialog

    Affected Modules: app

    ERROR: Failed to resolve: com.mikhaellopez.circularimageview:3.2.0:

    Affected Modules: app


    For the source code of a basic music player

  4. didn't find the music player folder in your github !

    i need it right away

  5. Jhon Carter Reply

    i Couldn't found MusicPlayer folder on your Github accound

  6. Osis Guitar Reply

    Couldn't find 'MusicPlayer' folder to download from your github

  7. mani ortan Reply

    didnt mentioned seekbar.xml & thump.xml file's xml code in your tutorial.?

  8. Nebojsa Nesic Reply

    Couldn't find 'MusicPlayer' folder to download from your github

  9. very thanks
    but if use 5 file sound in app is good raw or assets
    thanks again

  10. Saroj Maharjan Reply

    Really Amazing Design daju! Tapai sanga class lina aaunu parla jasto chha dai. You are doing a great job.

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