This application uses the on board digital compass to recognize various metallic objects. The sensitivity and sampling may be changed to achieve the desired effect.


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Android Market Pick: Metal Detector | Pocketnow



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  1. oldtoys1961 Reply

    What does the software usually cost for this app???Its really cool.

  2. brianchris4 Reply

    It's called a magnetometer, not a "digital compass". Compass is just one of it's many uses.

  3. supershafik Reply

    just what i needed to clear those pesky minefields outside the house

  4. completely useless if it can't detect metal from 1-3meters distance.

  5. supernova1976 Reply

    It is not using the proximity sensor, it is simple: as the device has compass, the compass works by detecting the magnetic filed and any metal disturbs that filed and therefore when the phone is away from any metal it detects the earths magnetic field and uses it as a reference when it changes

  6. Jason Young Reply

    of course its real its using its proximity sensor to send out magnetic pulses and metal will bounce them back. simple 🙂

  7. @Bunjabin

    There is such a device for WinMo – as far as I know, only the HTC HD 2 can run it

  8. DracoDrakie Reply

    @Bunjabin There actually is a app look over at XDA.devs. Mention that, it is BETA but its defitly become a good one im sure.

  9. That's a pretty nice app 😀
    Wish there was such an app for Win mobile ^^

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