Beau HD gives us an overview of more than 20 new features, improvements, and design changes found in the developer preview of Android M running on the …




  1. damagecase13 Reply

    Only issue I have is the app drawer. I feel like EVERYONE is going to have that issue. Luckily Google actually listens to what their users want and will change it, or give you the choice to change it. THAT's why im glad i switched from iOS!

  2. Branden Schuler Reply

    I think it will be called marshmallow ha-ha am I right? I wished it was milkshake. sounds so much better and I don't like marshmallows at all. the treats are getting nastier every release.

  3. Jean Malanum Reply

    Since the icon(m) is white and something i think is commonly white i think it iiiiiisssssss theeeee… MARSHMALLOW!

  4. Ritesh Bhagwati Reply

    You forgot one feature i.e. to turn the app drawer in dark mode.

  5. soni manutd Reply

    double swipe-down for toggles is just a bit cumbersome…. when you have a lot of notifications, it takes more than double-swipe down/up to access / "close" the toggles

  6. There's always Nova Launcher if you don't like the UI. It's basically Google Now launcher with more customization.

  7. ‹Starworshipper› Reply

    My OnePlus already has most of these features.. 


  8. JAMES SMITH Reply

    Android B should be called BULLSHIT. ANDROID IS FUCKING SHIT

  9. Loving M so far, there's also a dark theme for system menus and a system UI tuner for the drop down notification quick settings

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