Behind the scenes with Android M, the next version of the operating system. We speak with the engineers who made it and explain why it’s going to be such a big deal.


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  1. tharrison4815 Reply

    The music in this video made me think my work phone was ringing and it made me panic. Please don't use this again.

  2. Imafuckingcoward!! Reply

    nothing much here, you'd think a multibillion dollar company that gather so many smart people could actually do more.. so many aspect and so many things could improve and enhanced upon Android OS but instead these guys are just sitting around and brining things that not even %10 of people care or use…

  3. Xavier Robinson Reply

    Google wallet closes accounts and has the worst customer service. Why should I use Android pay

  4. TheHennes36 Reply

    Isn't that similar to what Cortana does in Edge Browser, she analyzes the context and gives you additional Information?

  5. Donnnation TV Reply

    I'm so excited for this update, android m will completely change how users interact with their devices… this update might even surpass ios 9!

  6. 1 year after the release of lollipop its on a whooping 12% of Android Devices. I wonder how many devices his Android M will be on.

  7. Guy is wearing an apple watch at :34. Funny cause he is in a video promoting android

  8. Ashton Burrell Reply

    Google should heavily promote their new features so iSheep can't claim them.

  9. Haven't people realized yet? Google comes up with the tech, but Android is usually too obscure to make it successful. Apple then takes that tech and pushes it on their own, and because there's a half eaten apple on it the world lapps it up. Then Google's like "hey we've been doing this for years" then people finally look and realise that (oftentimes) the Android product is better.

  10. The Naked Tech Podcast Reply

    The doze feature has been amazing on the nexus 5 and battery life has drastically improved. I'm surprised this was missed in the interview.

  11. AlexReyesInHD Reply

    Anyone else notice that at the beginning of the video he had an apple watch but then switched to the Urbane?

  12. Cough.. Still waiting for Lollipop on my Note 3…. 
    Probably gonna go for a Nexus/Moto next time. This is just ridiculous.

  13. Carl Richard Dagalea Reply

    Both Android M and iOS 9 have small updates this time. It's Microsoft's turn to show off with Windows 10. 🙂

  14. I like the vertical scrolling app drawer.. but like sense 3 style.

  15. Afiba Robinson Reply

    I love how the Google Engineers using Nexus 5. Really the best Pure Android handset thus far even in 2015 they're using it.

  16. Jay Bugatti Reply

    My favorite android M feature is now on tap, that would be really really useful for me

  17. I'm so annoyed with the model of the Galaxy S4 that I bought! I am not able to receive updates! I emailed Samsung and they said I needed to wait… but i'm still on Android 4.3! and now android 5.1 is coming out! C'mon Sammy

  18. ThisIsTheEndPt2 Reply

    Android M&M has already broken new ground in intuitive UI. Apple will never be as innovative as they were in the late 2000s. Google has now skipped at least 5 years ahead and Apple doesn't have the balls to catch them. All Apple will do is what they canned M$ for doing for years… spend all their money on marketing to desperately try to convince consumers to buy their product.

    Apple = 2002 Microsoft

  19. ThisIsTheEndPt2 Reply

    Watch The Verge jack off over 9000 when iPhone 6Plus S is released.

    Fucking The Verge .

  20. Coming to your android phone next fall if you're lucky – about the time android P will be released to developers.

  21. Christophurious Savage Reply

    Will this be available on the galaxy note 2? Looks nice.

  22. Walter Olsen Reply

    The people complaining about phones not having the most recent version of Android…do some research before buying a phone.

    three options: buy a Nexus and get the updates from Google, Roms, or live with what you got because you picked the Samsung/LG/other OEM that historically doesn't update quickly.

    My 1.5 year old Nexus 5 has 5.1.1. It's great. Blaming Google for manufactures and carriers lack of urgency to keep you updated is just silly.

  23. Daisuke Sakurai Reply

    I love how Google doesn't hold back with the features they put in Android and and a top grade Nexus would definitely be on my wish list. I mean, can't Google just make an iPhone killer? They HAD to either make the camera or the build suckish, which sucks. With that being said, I still love my iPhone 6 Plus and wish that Apple would follow Google's way of making their OS more robust.

  24. I think prompting a user with a dialog when they're trying to achieve a function in an app is a mistake.  That sounds extremely annoying.  Does anybody know if it asks you again for the same permission after you update an app?

  25. Aswin Ramdas Reply

    SRY  CAPS LOCK was on.

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