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  1. Mine is android lolipop but it has no multi-user like yours, also don't have that kind of animation, and also don't have that kind of notification bar. It's fully like the Kitkat version

  2. well I hate my kitkat so much!! because they can't record screen and need to root. root makes freezing screen to me

  3. Guys I upgraded my tablet to kitkat I was running jellybean before the upgrade. After the upgrade I downloaded nova launcher but the screen width is too wide and the icins are very small I used this launcher when my phone was running jellybean I didnt have this problem then please help guys I will subscribe to anyone who says why this is happening

  4. Xinless Vice Reply

    the only thing I liked about 5.0 over 4.4 is that they fixed the Microsoft card issue. which 6.0 also does but even better, so what's the point.

  5. Thirsty Crib! Reply

    I thought lollipop was far better than kitkat but hey theres no need for me to upgrade my phone to 5.0 Kitkat rockkkzxxx

  6. I'd like my McNuggets please. It must be even slower at it had a lot more cholesterol.

  7. Android Jelly Bean was BY FAR the best looking android version.

  8. Roland Dantes Reply

    The worst thing with Kitkat is its Internal Storage. It only offers a portion of the total ROM storage space specified for your device. For example, if your phone have 8 gb ROM, you will only get 1.5 gb of Internal Storage. In Lollipop, you will get 5.7gb. So fhuck Kitkat if you download many apps.

  9. Antonello Cherubini Reply

    Lollipop sucks. A lot of features were removed and it is designed for dumb users.. It's too much like an iphone.

  10. Petros Iraklaras Reply

    i have both smartphones . one old with kitkat and a new with lollipop . i want through the lollipop from window when it activates the lock screen when i am using the gps or i am reading news in the websites or i am reading pdf .

    do your homework android devs and next time bring a complete operating system without dump or missing configurations

  11. Het spijt me maar dit kanaal is offcieel verwijdert Reply

    i love kitkat
    thats easy to use

  12. cαzzч - chαn Reply

    my dad's lollipop phone is laggy and glitchy and i have kitkat which is faster and no lags 😀 so kitkat for the win!

  13. Never update to lollipop. lollipop is suck, kit kat is much better.

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