The Lemon KTV Karaoke player (KHP-8836) is available direct from China for around $350 plus shipping or from Amazon for $349.99 with free shipping, complete with a selection of English and Chinese songs. But is it any good? Find out in our full review:


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  1. Evanildo Almeida Reply

    Hello how do to insert coin option? You can explain to me?

  2. I borowed one of these unit from my friend and copy the HD to an external one. Anyone know how you can get the music video to play on a laptop/desktop. I messed around with the player which is a model 8826. Personally i don't think it's worth more than $150. Has too much lag and is very slow to respond. Freeze on me a few times while trying to use it. Very outdated technology for what they asking for this.

  3. This one is very similar to a unit I purchased from in 2012. It has a very similar build style and similar menus, but this one runs KTVmanager.exe in the device. In practice, it has been very problematic and not at all simple to use–nonetheless we have used it off and on for years and still do. I would LOVE to update the software to a newer version that's easier to use, but so far nothing has come from Ace-Karaoke (not the California company by the same name). They are totally non-responsive despite claiming to have a "Golden Warrantee." Kind of a joke for $500US.

  4. I got this machine but somehow I got stuck at the android logo while booting. It looks like it's going to stay like that forever. So I decided to reset, and then the LemonKTV app has stopped working. I would like to know is there a way to fix this? Thanks

  5. Vinh van Nguyen Reply

    any one know that this machine can change the audio track 1 to 2 or vice versa?

  6. Hi, I have the same ktv playEr as you but when i go into the app it would say, "unfortunately, the launcher has stopped." Any idea on how I could fix this?

  7. Hi, is there a way to copy lemonktv apk file out and then install onto other android devices? Since this system is very slow

  8. Hello May i ask you i just bought Lemon KTV Karaoke Player 8232 Machine Player only no HDD and i copy my friend Karaoke song put in my own hard Drive to put in my machine why it doesn't work what wrong do you have any Idea about that.can you tell me how to add songs thanks….

  9. I figured out the network. Is there a way to shut down the system safely since there is no shut off button?

  10. Do I need to plug in Ethernet cable to get the wifi to work or should the antenna be enough to pick up the signal? All I see is a light bulb with an X on it.

  11. Does anyone know how to play the song after adding the song to the unit?

  12. impact glory Reply

    how do i search chinese artists or chinese songs?? with only the english alphabet to search from? and android phone apps doesnt connect to server.

  13. Would anybody know if the KHP-8826 have the Key Controller?
    Or how to change the karaoke music key (b, #) to suit the singer voice?

  14. Also, I wanted to know if there is romanization for Korean songs. Like are the songs totally in Hangul or are they romanized? It'd be awesome to have Romanized lyrics since that would help (a lot of)people who can't read the language.

  15. OMG~~ Troublemaker is playing at the background from @1:26!! Woo hooo KPOP fan here 😀
    I wish to buy this as well! Thank you, MakeUseOf!

  16. i think you need to check out again on Amazon, the unit they sale on Amazon is not the one you show on youtube, it is the older model and it's not the latest model (KHP-8836). it is the model KHP-886, it's not same function like you show on's more simple and too expensive with the price on Amazon.

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