This session will cover the state of the art in Android app architecture: all the new features and updates that have been added to Android Architecture …




  1. David Hernandez Reply

    Anything on a fusion of architecture & engineering with 3dprinting with the design & construction of buildings& bridges & highways like the
    3-d cement printer for an example?

  2. Will Tesler Reply

    I hate how they are using Kotlin for all of this. Most people still are not using it.

  3. CopernicoTube Reply

    About Room and SQLite itself:

    The Structured Query Language was created in the past to unify in just one protocol the access to relational databases of any vendor.

    Well, Android mobile devices have just one. So, why we need to have a SQL parser and interpreter to access the data, instead do it directly?

    Relational databases deal with data at tabular way, what is perfectly fine to procedural languages. But this isn't that practical in OOP, so we need design patterns like DAO and/or frameworks like Room.

    But, if we need deal with data as objects, why don't store it like objects at first place? Why store objects as relational lines, wasting processing time to convert it as objects?

    Personally, I think that Android development team should think about these things, present a default solution to object data storage (as some third parties already offer, like Realm) and deprecate SQLite for good.

  4. Arman Chatikyan Reply

    How do they create this kind of presentations(animations)?

  5. Sanjeet Chand Reply

    how does one know how much space is available to write data to the apps allocated sqlite space, does room have a method which checks the space and notifies if data can be inserted? thanks

  6. "take the user to the home screen when they hit, up OR back !?" Whatever happened to back/up navigation pattern

  7. Peter Holák Reply

    Regarding future components, what I would like to see is something like Paging for maps with markers.

  8. Michael Najera Reply

    @RawQuery I'm going to miss writing the same query 12 times

  9. Pedro Massango Reply

    Will google discontinue Android Studio and migrate to Flutter?

  10. Bence Boros Reply

    Timestamps for navigation

    2:30 What's new in a nutshell
    3:13 What's new in the Architecture layer
    3:33 Lifecycles
    8:02 Databinding
    9:37 Room
    12:57 Paging
    16:05 Navigation
    21:43 WorkManager
    28:30 future goals

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