Paging facilitates gradual on-demand data loading from a local or network data source, allowing apps to work with large data sets, including support for …




  1. handika dwi Reply

    this api is the worst api in jetpack. wish there's an api like seamless laravel pagination. User::paginate(10). what a flawless pagination Laravel has to offer

  2. Armands Zalitis Reply

    Boundarys callback method onItemAtEndLoaded() is called multiple times even with flags. How to solve this?

  3. Karthikeyan Sakthivel Reply

    Is google calendar schedule view using Paging ? how it is using paging can you explain that ?

  4. It's a complex use case and I'm not surprised the api has a degree of complexity as well. Dive right in and it might be easier than you think.

  5. Seriously Google, 10 years on and Android is just getting more and more complex. Stop this nonsense and start investing in simplified solutions.

  6. nayan dhabarde Reply

    When my app loads for the first time, onZeroItemsLoaded is called and the sample says I should request data and save it into the database. But If I save it into the database, the sample does not show how to update the livedata with this new value

  7. Tarry Masters Reply

    Developers, when we understand that developers are allowed uses. it become more famiiar with Androids are being used.

  8. DanBarzhard Reply

    So many people complaining about examples only in Kotlin. Syntax is not that different… If you don't want to learn new languages why are you even a developer?

  9. homelesshobo Reply

    This library is honestly terrible. Here I was looking for an easy-to-implement EndlessRecyclerAdapter only to sift through crap documentation and find out that this is an incredibly messy alternative.

  10. Vikas Pandey Reply

    its pretty how she use hand gesture for 1st case and second case for datasource.

  11. John Dekker Reply

    Kotlin focus is causing me to lose interest in Android demos.

  12. how to force the data source to refresh data and start requesting from the beginning ?

  13. Kotlin sucks! It's non intuitive and moronic. Please stop using it already. It sucks more than Snooki from Jersey shore

  14. Jim Pekarek Reply

    Yay Kotlin! The slides would be way easier to read without the giant font size though. When you split what belongs on one line of code into 4+ lines, it makes it really hard to parse.

  15. Aegees Aegees Reply

    Well, finally you did it, after 5 years.
    Better late than never. Respectuha

  16. Jessie Sasser Reply

    Am I the only one that watches every single video android releases but still has no idea what are we gonna dooo. I seriously don't know how to use android I just use Google to copy and paste the functionality I want.

  17. Liran Barsisa Reply

    Some questions:
    1. Will this work even with 2 sided paged RecyclerView? Meaning loading extra data at the top and/or at the bottom?
    2. What is "pageSize" ? What if it's unknown, and the app just needs to take what it's given? Meaning that each time when I give it a bulk of items, it should show only them?
    3. What can I do to put items at the top and bottom (edges of the current page), to show that it's loading, in case the user has reached them ?

  18. Sourav Bagchi Reply

    Why do you show all of your examples in Kotlin?
    Kotlin isn't made by Google and we all know that Android development is slowly moving towards Flutter. Then why Kotlin? And this language isn't popular like Java.

  19. Prabin Shrestha Reply

    Please make tablelayout support in recyclerview 🙂

  20. I understood practically none of this. I understand what it's trying to do but I'm not sure if I could implement it.

  21. Sandy Theodorus Reply

    please use both java and kotlin for the code example…

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