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In this tutorial , i will show you how to make simple Login valid app by use MVP Design Pattern

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  1. Яна Меньшикова Reply

    This is perfect!!!!! The best MVP Tutorial I have ever seen. Thank you.

  2. Jimmy Trivedi Reply

    Nice demo. It's better if you'll explain while coding also. Need sound.

  3. Youn Ki Ho Reply

    Thank you very much

    I slightly understand MVP architecture. 🙂

    I have some questions. 🙂


    I have made DrinkShop through your tutorial(almost finished).

    In my opinion, I think that Drinkshop tutorial isn't applied to MVP or MVVM Patterns.

    I'm wondering if you could help me find tutorials which they(MVP or MVVM Patterns) is applied to.


    By this lecture, I can make login/register functions using MVP or MVVM patterns.

    But, I don't understand how to use them in RecyclerView, RoomDB, etc…


    I want to know why it is important to use them.

    In my country(South Korea), many companies emphasize that all developers can make and use design patterns just like MVP, MVVM.

    I would like to express my gratitude to you for your tutorial and hard work. 🙂

  4. Владислав Николаевич Reply

    One of the best simple video about MVP! Thx a lot!

  5. Manjunath R Reply

    Big Thanks 🙂 you made me understand MVP architecture
    But without having interface for Model and Presenter , it still works right. I don't think there is any need of interface for model and presenter.

  6. shahjad ansari Reply

    One video all thing in it by practicle. great teaching we are parcticle believers. Thanks .

  7. Diorit Bajrami Reply

    Thanks helped me a lot to understand the concept of the mvp

  8. Kara Mostafa Reply

    Thanks but how to make it dynamique (if the email is folse than the color of editText change with out click on login)

  9. Do I understand correctly that IUserModel can be named IUserRepository?

  10. christian francis callelero Reply

    it would really help if this project is available in github for reference. 🙂

  11. Konstantinos Nikoloutsps Reply

    That looks really easy but when you have objects that need the context (e.x ListView) it becomes a little complicated ;/
    How would you implement it if you were asked to create it using a ListView.

  12. Ying Chiu Luk Reply

    It is a nice tutorial, however it is a bit difficult to follow just typing without any narration or commentary during the video.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial

    why do you make an interface for everyone (model, view presenter)?

    And not one interface, where all three interfaces are included?

  14. Mihaela Miki Reply

    Please, for the love of God, stop putting space before comma ",". It hurts my eyes!!!! Anyway, good job!

  15. Quân Nguyễn Anh Reply

    It's so simple and easy to understand MVP 🙂 But I think MVVM is better 😀

  16. JamezNumber1 Reply

    9:27 onwards, shouldn't Init View, Init & Event all be placed in the View package? They are view logic after all?

  17. if i want to add another activity, for example register Activity, then how? thanks for this tutorial

  18. mohamed gomaa Reply

    please you can upload code on Github and add links in the description

  19. Hi, EDMTDev which is the best design pattern between mvvm and MVP beginners.

  20. Anit Choudhary Reply

    hello sir,I will try to making a indian railway app. can you help me for making this app

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