Android Beginner Tutorial #19 – Shared Preferences [Saving Data and What You Need to Know] In this video I go over everything you need to know about …




  1. Mansi Tanna Reply

    If we have to put intent here, then where should we put it???

  2. Please work on a course about robotics and how to pull data from multiple devices so we can read the telemetry data off it in real-time to display onto the app. Like, make our own heart rate monitor display app.

  3. Niek Tuytel Reply

    is this good for saving data like highscore coins etc.?

  4. azzum waqar Reply

    why is your android emulator so fast? so amazing and good tutorial! thanks

  5. Shane Grayson Reply

    Great video. Really helped with our school project. One recommendation, post the code in a bin for the users. I had to remind many times to keep, so having the code right next to me wouldve helped alot.

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