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  1. babbin tandukar Reply

    should have put more effort with dynamic data well its like introduction nothing more

  2. i want when i click at the button ..the progressbar increase…help please

  3. Rutvik Pachkawade Reply

    What if i want to set the value to floating numbers ( say in place of 25% i wanna 0.05% )? Thanks in advance

  4. Rishabh Raj Reply

    How to make a progress bar which starts from 0 on 0 sec and end at 10 sec !

  5. Gzar Fronda Reply

    Hi pleas help me how to fix my basic activity form. it say that " android.. coordinatorlayout" please help me.. badly needed for my thesis.

  6. Ivan Lucian Reply

    Do you have any methid to make the progress bar work with the value data from google fit apis?

  7. alim momin Reply

    if user have clicked on 100% button and if he clicks again on 25% button then i dont want my progress bar to go back again on 25%. Can you give me a solution for this? thank you

  8. Oladimeji Nurudeen Reply

    my emulator do not appear, it only appear in blue print, what can i do pls, thanks for tuts

  9. thak you for the turtorial!
    there is a way to use two different colors in progress bar, in example-
    from 0 to 25 green and from 25 to 100 red?

  10. Great tutorial sir!!! But how can i change progressbar if button is clicked again. let say when i clicked the button first time it changes progressbar to 10% now i want to reverse the progressbar to its initial state if the button is pressed again?

  11. Great tutorial. Basic and helpful and more importantly – STRAIGHT TO THE DAMN POINT

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