In this video we cover everything that is new in Android 8.1 Oreo! FREE 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial: To support DroidModderX bookmark …




  1. Remmi manga ink Reply

    I'm having such a hard time trying to find a case for this phone

  2. I have battery issue when I update my software is it normal or problem on the software?

  3. Jeffrey Parker Reply

    Gee, doesn't sound like much. Can I use WIndows as my interface, this is to much like the stupid dot game on iphone. I want complete customization of my screens, my interface. This is no better than aol dial up. PLeaaaseee.

  4. Do you guys still have that shitty blue tint and grainy/blotchy nonuniform of the display? I would assume their QC may have gotten better. Idk if should get it to update from my s7e exynos?

  5. Debra Dukes Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing appreciate it Deb ✌️👍

  6. Tsering Lama Reply

    Pixel 2 xl on AT&T fix with enhanced lte is what i wanna hear with this update. Or Volte. I like both Pixel 2 xl and AT&T. But the combo isnt 100% yet without wifi calling and enhanced lte. ☹

  7. Michael Wilson Reply

    I've got Oreo 8.1 on my original pixel XL and it works great! The pixels are the gift that keeps on giving!

  8. I wonder when my S8+ will get the Oreo update?! I'm with Sprint….

  9. Tom McDaniel71 Reply

    The battery level indicator for Bluetooth devices is something Samsung could use while Google isn't giving people the option to switch from svga screen setup that's dumb

  10. Hey DMX, that sweet phone is making me jealous LOL shipping has been delayed on mine. Maybe by the time it arrives Google will have those updates ready. Great and Very Informative video as always my friend!

  11. Mike Lascelle Reply

    Awesome vids. Have u had any problems with your pixel2 xl screen? What case r u using it look heavy duty?

  12. Diondre Jordan Reply

    Is it safe to buy a Pixle XL yet with all the screen issues I keep hearing about?

  13. TuPhonez4Free Reply

    Ok. Not going to lie. That update looks like it's a beast.

  14. Abdoul Wahid Dan Tanin Reply

    Light Dark theme was on Samsung flagships since S6

  15. So, Google getting flak over their display color choices on the Pixel 2, decided to throw an Apple style hissy fit and set the original Pixels to the same settings. You showed us. I guess that whole, "Don't be evil." Mantra is out the window.

  16. viranijoush Reply

    Nice video. Does your Pixel Xl 2 affected by Burn in screen issues?

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