I have put together my full review of Android 5.0 Lollipop! I tried to make this the most comprehensive Lollipop review you can find. Thumbs up if you like it!




  1. Alfredo Saldana Reply

    i just buyed a lollipop android. how can i make up an app settings bar pop up? (normally i would click the menu button of the 3 lines that should be the square here. And when i hold it is when it shows all my apps opened at the moment) now with this fun when i click it just shows the recent apps and not the small menu bars when inside an app

  2. 12:52 "You will see your background IN the background" lol background in a background 😂

  3. كـيـبوبـي محشش Reply

    How do I install on my Android phone without a computer??

  4. Hello .
    I love your chanel
    i from algeria and fllowing you today
    Good Luck ♡♡♥

  5. ••Cece •• Reply

    How different are the features for the lollipop update on a LG optimus L90?

  6. HamsterCageStudios Reply

    One problem: they changed the runtime so most apps don't work.

  7. Found a setting to set a ring tone when sending a email, but once i apply it and send a email  no sound is heard?

  8. ChangeIsComing4all Reply

    great review, i have a question. does Lollipop allow you to transfer files to sd card? i have galaxy s4 still and in kitkat they took away that option so it renders the sd card useless. thanks

  9. Jorge Avila Reply

    This update made my phone so damn glitchy. It's so slow now I wish I wouldn't of updated. The idea behind all the new features is cool but it definitely needs some improvement.

  10. Kirsten Giacci Reply

    buy a microphone man. I cannot watch the rest of this video.

  11. Camille Anderson Reply

    My LG g3 on kitkat does the pop in incoming call without interruption.

  12. PandaBush1 Reply

    So for the app drawers, it's just white background when scrolling? You can't customize that at all?

  13. Carlton Banks Reply

    Those silly animations just hide the latency of the device

  14. Andrew Rattle Reply

    Way too many apps on the stock rom. lollipop isnt nearly as stable as kit kat. still way better than iOs 8 though.

  15. I don't see the big deal. I'm an iOS user but still like to stay on the up and up. I did notice that call notification was an iphone jailbreak app called call bar

  16. siddiq abu Reply

    hi can you make a review on how to update your htc m7 to android 5.0 

  17. Bob Trieste Reply

    thank you for the in depth – lollipop seems like a step backwards – and what's with all the "white" like you said; device does not seem well optimized for its screen size…

  18. Ando Ganteng Reply

    Thumbs up if you will say the bootscreen looks like Windows 7's

  19. Tesla NewsLet Reply

    How can you change the chrome browser's new tabs from showing on recent tab, its so annoying on my Note 3.


    5.02 blows chunks.  Its buggy and fucked up as hell.  KitKat was awesome, almost rock solid stable, clean, and straight forward.  Material Design is a total disaster but if that were all, I could suffer with it.  Unfortunately they screwed up a lot of things under the hood as well.  The lock screen will keep popping up at random; the home button will stop working on you; videos in Google Play store will no longer play past 5 seconds; apps that ran before now no longer work; notification bar and settings bar is now crushed together in a confusing mess; task switcher is now a bunch of confusing flickable window panes; some people report serious battery life drain problems, etc, etc, etc….    just google "LOLIPOP sucks" or "LOLIPOP bugs"

    If you are running 4.4.2 KitKat, do yourself a huge favor and just say no to the free upgrade when its pushed to your device.  Trust me, you will only screw up your device and hate it afterwards.  If your curiosity is driving you nuts to see what its like, its not worth it… do yourself a big favor and just go into a store and play with LOLIPOP on a store machine so you won't fuck up your own device.

    There are casual users who are saying oh LOLIPOP is the cats meow.  Ignore them as they aren't power users.  It doesnt take you long really using the OS as a power user to realize they really fucked things up for really no gain, and mostly 2 steps backward.  KitKat is so much better than LOLIPOP.  They need to du!p LOLIPOP as a flop and go back to KitKat and try again

  21. Kevin Carpenter Reply

    One other quick thing, you can choose what apps pop up with notifications by either touch and holding on the notification in your status bar then tapping the "i", or from the sounds and notif. settings.

  22. Kevin Carpenter Reply

    Not trying to nitpick too bad, but either your phone's brightness is set way too high for the camera or you need to hold the phone in a way that directly faces the camera with no angle whatsoever. Most of the time the camera can't focus properly on your phone's display because of those two things.

  23. I have a question Is it working fine on lg g3 r not and please make a review on that

  24. Michael Undas Reply

    13:20… In other words, Android 5.0 kind of sucks, doesn't it…

  25. Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p Reply

    I look at smartphones in a practical way and have to say all that white background is just battery power consuming uselesness 🙂

  26. Trent Blackburn Reply

    @Qbking77 (Tim Schofield)  if you want the reboot option from the power menu, enable developer options and enable the advanced reboot option

  27. @Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) I have a question not related to this review. Which is great by the way. How's your T-Mobile coverage where you live. I tried it in my area. I found it to be very hit and miss. Thanks

  28. Wilfredo Ramos Jr. Reply

    I know alot of people, if not everyone, hates touchwiz but the note 4 has some of the features that lollipop has. I feel as if i've been using lollipop ever since i got my note 4 a few months ago, one of the features is the pop up notification when you are getting a phone call and also a text message which is my favorite feature and it actually has a 'kill all' button in the recent apps. The only thing i am excited about in lollipop is ART which i believe you can already enable on most kit kat phones.

  29. nice video.
    Nice work.. must have taken a long time to gather all that info.  Here is $1 as tip for your work @***** 

  30. Brian Eisa Reply

    Lollipop on my nexus 5 is full of annoying bugs
    1. WiFi connection keeps dropping
    2. Battery drainage while on WiFi
    3. Apps keep reappearing in the multi task menu when swiped away.
    3. Phone lags and crushes all the time, almost unusable.
    4.Phone is really slow
    Does any1 know when google will release the update. I am disappointed that none of these so called YouTube reviewers are talking about the lollipop bugs.

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