Android 5.0 Lollipop has landed, and stock has a ton of new features!

Top 5 Android 5.0 Features:

Lollipop Wallpapers:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



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  1. i miss good old android lollipop days or kitkat honestly

  2. oh man those features looks cool! can’t wait to downgrade my software

  3. android 5.0 is the version where android releases neat animations.

  4. watching this on the Android Q beta and holy shit how far have we come

  5. Ratan Desai Reply

    Material Design is the greatest thing happened to android.

  6. Jose Juan Rivera Reyes Reply

    I miss Lollipop and its Icons. Android Pie's round icons are wack.

  7. Ameek Gupta Reply

    Hi! I'm from the future! Android 9.0 Pie is already out and I'm currently using Samsung's new ONE UI running the same. xD

  8. TralfazConstruction Reply

    My Note 3 running Lollipop (which I am using to post this) is snappier, performance-wise, than my Note 4 running Marshmallow which it received in early 2017. The difference is small and I'm asserting this anecdotally. Battery life for the two phones doesn't cut it in this day and age but I do know that the batteries in both are old as are the spares. If I were to choose to use either device as my primary I'd certainly carry the two spare batteries (two for each) and just swap those. That's what I miss with newer phones; being able to replace the battery and be back in action in under 90 seconds. Using this 'old' Note 3 is like going back in time.

  9. JuicyCarrot WRLD Reply

    So if lollipop doesn't work then, that's causing my phone to not rotate!?

  10. Watching it on custom rom android 9.0 well, there's a lot of changes on UI AND UX. From 5.0-9.0 on my nexus 6…

  11. Louie Cafarella Reply

    I was wondering why this video was on my suggestions list. And then I seen it. Uploaded 4 years ago today!

  12. Progressive Life Reply

    Looks black but sounds white … Guess he's a white boy then

  13. It's a me Mario Reply

    Android Lollipop will be put down as one of the best and biggest jumps in the Android Mobile operating system's history

  14. Shakil Ahmed Reply

    how can I get Google assistant in lollipop huawei yLUE

  15. Smart Gaming boy Reply

    lyf f8 ka background change pa video banao not apps ka

  16. Aditya Sood Reply

    Who's watching after announcement after android Oreo???

  17. Fina Syafinaz Reply

    Who make this version has stupid brain.lolipop and marshmallow are pig version.should kill the maker of the version.kitkat are stable faster.there are also stupid brain poeple make the windows 8,10 super lag slow 7 and kitkat almost faster version

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