A computer on a stick, OEM Systems Co.’s Android 4.0 Mini PC is the smallest computer ever sold to consumers. Better still, the $70 stick will run Google’s full Ice …


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  1. Cyrille Najjar Reply

    Would that work with a Planar touch screen? THANKS!

  2. Aseefa Sultan Reply

    Can you use it on a touch screen laptop to speed up the set up?

  3. twistedlot Reply

    got one stick for free! After viewing this video, I'm quite eager to boot it up!

  4. i got one its extremely slow and dose not resemble a real computer. Think of your cell phone but no battery and no screen.

  5. Zamzam Osman Reply

    I've got one and it's rubbish. Slow and sluggish. Don't buy it.

  6. my monitor is a 19" LCD w/o HDMI. What adapter do I need to hook it up to this baby? Just got it today!
    Grateful for any help.

  7. Jacob Connerly Reply

    I've seen a couple smartphones with mini HDMI support, so in theory yes, this would still work.

  8. FatKidWithFudge Reply

    Could say the same for a normal desktop~but completely missing the point of this.

  9. Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist) Reply

    Also – similar to my Asus Transformer tablet – it probably does NOT support internal memory to SD card moving software so you'll be stuck with a limited amount of apps to install.

  10. Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist) Reply

    one thing that they seem to have forgotten is that it doesn't have a mouse or keyboard with it – so it's not really pocket-sized being useless without those input devices. You'd have to lug them around with you too.

  11. Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist) Reply

    the only difference being Smartphones don't have an output except for Bluetooth. Put HDMI output on a smartphone and they'll improve on this device.

  12. Jacob Connerly Reply

    …you just described smartphone functionality, man.

  13. WildMan7856 Reply

    "It's up to you to fill up the device's 2GBs of internal memory"… Well that shouldn't be to hard.

  14. isakkxkriosxboxlive0 Reply

    THink of it… Root he device download Playstation emulator or your favorite play system And connect ps3 or xbox controller into the usb then after BAM you got your old game sytem back on the big screen.

  15. Fair point, but it still can't do anything important. My laptop is portable enough.

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