Android 10 is out to all supported devices such as the Google Pixel, Essential phone, and soon to OnePlus, Samsung and more. In this video I show you all the …


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  1. John Nguyen Reply

    (For mobile users, enjoy!)
    **Time Codes**

    00:00 – Introduction to Android 10

    00:20 – Supported devices

    00:39 – Installing Android 10

    00:58 – Boot up screen

    01:15 – Lock and home screen changes

    01:57 – Build number

    02:18 – New features

    04:55 – Performance

    05:39 – Dark Theme

    05:48 – More new features

    09:28 – Privacy, Location, and Security Updates

    11:12 – Focus Mode

    11:50 – Even more features

    12:23 – Battery screen

    15:45 – Conclusion

    16:03 – Outro

    16:23 – End


    I have a Google Pixel 4XL….They removed the Trusted Face feature in Android 10… WHY???? It was a good security feature…….Like down below if you want the Trusted Face to be back in Android😞

  3. Zoya Spencer Reply

    It sucks!!! Many apps no longer can run. MX Player runs super hot now. A few UI changes. Thats my experience on my LG G8. More negatives than positives.

  4. Rajesh Das Reply

    Is there is auto call recording option in Android 10…..?????

  5. users of android must be given a feature to uninstall every Gaad daam app
    cause when i update certain app like for example YouTube
    it just add that update on existing app now that app take more fucking space
    android should have an option to uninstall every app in your phone just so you can update them quickly and they will not take more space

  6. Not gonna lie this looks bad ass lol. Awesome video. Thank you for the information.

  7. Venkata Krishna Murthy Annapragada Reply

    Thanks for a very detailed review. It was very informative.

  8. Shreedhar Ranganathan Reply

    I want to know where did you get that wallpaper. Can you please send me the link?

  9. Now a days android software optimisation are more confused & far behind then iOS

  10. cheong henry Reply

    I already updated the Android 10 but the home button still the same

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