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Another series for you that will cover everything about Android Notification.

Source Code:
Blog Post Tutorial using Kotlin:

In this Android Notification Tutorial Series, we will learn about
– Creating Simple Notifications
– Sending remote notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging or FCM
– Sending device to device notifications
– Sending notificatoin from backend server
– Broadcasting notification across multiple devices

And many more things.

In this video we will learn
– Creating Firebase Messaging Service
– Sending a Push Notification from Firebase Console

Android Notification are very important feature to increase your active user base. You can send some important notification about your application when the user is not using your application. You can also create real time chat application using the notifications.

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  1. YuinYee Chew Reply

    hi, do you have video sending notification when there are changes in the realtime database? thank you

  2. Laxmi Dhakal Reply

    I want to send notification between two devices how to do it

  3. Let's Learn Computer Programs Reply

    It is not working in play store app (publish App)

  4. punit vachhani Reply

    How to save text of the notification after clicking in it?And data show in the app after clicking it.

  5. Mustansir Makda Reply

    No explanation for notifications when app is killed by os on device like vivo oppo etc

  6. The NotificationCompat.Builder is not working, how I make it work?

  7. cdrrmo maasincity Reply

    good day sir.. can you please show me how to create push notification onCreate in node js as a continuation of this tutorial.. thank you very much..

  8. cdrrmo maasincity Reply


  9. mampuya jovi Reply

    Bro thank you very much for everything, i feel like hugging you right now. this is my school project if i happen to make money I hope to send you some even though it wont be much.

  10. Programming Life Reply

    thank you for your efforts it's working with me but, I received the notification without any sounds, I do not why, can you help me, please.

  11. SALMAN ALI Reply

    i want to send notification from admin app.. to a specific user

  12. Nagendra Daddolu Reply

    Hii bro I've doubt? I want to show the results based on location means I had locations(lag,lat) of hospitals i want to show the results in my app based on distance. Means if user is near to hospital 1 then I want to show that one first in my recyclerview. Please help me bro 🙂

  13. Siddhant Karak Reply

    bro how to handle the onClick of notification or how to open a specific activity when we click on notification….

  14. 30 Second Feelings Reply

    Hello please make a video on how to convert sql to firebase in app template i have purchased

  15. safiullah officials Reply

    Kindly Help! Thanks in advance

    How to do this? when I select a text it should show the option menu on the top or along with the selected text, and I can pass the selected text to one of the options from the list.

    I am waiting.. it is very urgent

  16. Chathura G Reply

    can the devices received a notification, when the app is not launched? but the data is on.I mean as a background process ?

  17. suraj devgan Reply

    Could u please make the video, how to send push notification from device, instead of sending it from firebase console

  18. Sagar Ghare Reply

    hey belal .can you add notification from mobile to mobile .actully i have done this . but i didnt understand it 100%.

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