👉5 – Fire TV Stick 4K –
👉4 – SkyStream Two Streaming Media Player –
👉2- Fire TV Cube –
👉1 – Fire TV Recast –
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👉5 – Fire TV Stick 4K –
👉4 – SkyStream Two Streaming Media Player – N/A
👉2- Fire TV Cube –
👉1 – Fire TV Recast – N/A
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👉5 – Fire TV Stick 4K –
👉4 – SkyStream Two Streaming Media Player – N/A
👉2- Fire TV Cube –
👉1 – Fire TV Recast – N/A

We have just laid out the five best Android TV boxes on the market. Coming in at 5th place is the Fire TV Stick 4K, which gives you top quality resolution for streaming, and a totally immersive audio experience.
In 4th place is the SkyStream Two Streaming Media Player, which has Google Assistant built in for added convenience. You also have an SD card slot to supplement your storage space.
In 3rd place is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. It is the best Android TV box for gaming because of its GeForce Now Beta, which turns seamlessly turns your television into a high-powered gaming rig.
In 2nd place is the Fire TV Cube, which features a number of useful features, including far-field voice recognition and a built-in speaker. You can control all of your smart home devices for full voice integration.
Last but not least is Fire TV Recast in 1st place. This Android TV box allows you to store up to 75 hours of programming. It will let you record your favorite movies and TV shows from your mobile device, which is very convenient when you are on the go.
We highly recommend that you take the time to look into all five of these options so you can choose one that matches all of your needs.

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  1. orest racki Reply

    Shield is the best the other ones you showed aren't anywhere close to the top

  2. nivek tek26 Reply

    There is Live Tv App in Mi Box S You Can Access local channels in any countries please?sorry.please understand.thank you🙂

  3. This video is an absolute lie. Anything Amazon is to slow to be useful. For the sake of speed, the following processors/boxes are well known for being best:
    Nvidia Shield
    S922X processor
    These are by far the fastest and best boxes on the market and Amazon would be at the bottom of everything in the market.

  4. ольга заболотная Reply

    Hi, my name is DJUN. I’ve never used a tv box. My friend advised me to buy a tv box on the Switch On Shop website . Tell me, is this a good site? I don’t understand it.

  5. Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar Reply

    When it comes to iptv, there's one and only one box and that's "Formuler Z8"

  6. Kevin Larkin Reply

    Beelink GT King is truly a POS! It craps out intermittently and crashes with many IPTV APPS. Even with the latest updates and firmware! Good Luck!

  7. Richard Fox Reply

    How did you include the Firestick – it's not Android at all.

  8. Philip Grove Reply

    The Skystream 2 isn't even an Android TV box, it's a TV box that runs Android. Android TV is a reference to the launcher and a special version of Android for devices without mouse/touchscreen.

  9. Sa' Ra Cahda Reply

    You have good information but your list is very objective. The amazon devices are to heavy on the list. It’s obviously tainted.

  10. Steve Muller Reply

    I'm sorry but everyone knows that the NVIDIA Shield is the best Android box so really surprised you put it on 3rd place🤣

  11. entertainment vidz Reply

    Those amazon or fire tv devices is not better than nvidia shield so stop the bullshit .I know amazon is paying your ass

  12. entertainment vidz Reply

    The fire tv cube should come last smt how the fuck an android box don't support youtube ?people watch youtube more than they watch tv

  13. Is nvidia shielf worth buying if you don't own xbox play station and pc gaming system? Just to watch TV and play games from google playstore

  14. Marney Smithies Reply

    $400 for the 4th best? from what read NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the best & it comes in at $250 cdn. i guess they are all the best in their "field" depending on what you use the box for, for my friends its movies only, what do people suggest for movies only & is kodi the best service or is there a newer better program?

  15. runnerbean1980 Reply

    I'm sorry but to put the shield third I'm not first is just wrong how much did Amazon pay you to make this video really

  16. Retired at 49 Reply

    Is there a box that records streaming content? I know the recast records over the air tv but I want a recorder that records streaming content.

  17. This bloke is a joke, nVidia Shield TV is king of TV boxes, it has been for almost 4yrs now 🤣🤣🤣, it has everything you need in one box, TV streamer/home entertainment centre/games console & not forgetting Google chrome cast built in as well + Google assistant, I have Pro version with 500gb storage, and have 2 x 2tb hard drives connected to mine 😂😂🤣, if your not into gaming the xiaomi mi box s is best box, it can do everything that nvidia shield tv can do, but just not gaming 😁😁

  18. autocarventuri Reply

    think of tv box that do the same thing as all those you mentioned but much cheaper !!!! Leveling through the ceiling is ridiculous.

  19. Just Sum Guy Reply

    The H96 series are good..the latest being the 9.1 android. I'm still on the model from 2 yrs back..7.1..and its never skipped a beat..best I've had..And..in 4 years I've had 5 boxes..4 were cat shit..this current one..quality….

  20. ramon gonzalez Reply

    You're definitely on Amazon's payroll, there's no way in Hell that the cube and the recast is better than the shield. You must be new to the game.

  21. Gotta add Nvidia Shield as the best as well, the reviewer doesn't mention that Google assistant integration can do everything the Fire devices with Alexa (home control, etc..)

  22. You are batshit crazy for 1. Having the shield at #3. 2. Having Firestick on this list. Really? No. Just no.

  23. Jose Rodriguez Reply

    I know I Am being punked the order of this TV boxes is a joke.

  24. Vijay Hibbare Reply

    Hi! Thanks for sharing the details I would like to know how about the Beelink GT 1 King?

  25. LOL. How much are you getting from Amazon to rate their stuff higher than the Nvidia shield? And since when does Amazon use Android?

  26. Martin Phillips Reply

    If Nintendo switch is using your chip that should tell you how powerful the Nivida shield is.
    I own this prouduct and understand everything day why people love ❤️ there shield .
    This toy can do so much, the software developers have yet begun to tap shield potential
    I’ve have all ready stared saving for my next shield. If you like my comment let me know
    The shield in a class by itself. Thank you for letting me share

    P.s. it is great 👍 to. Run Emulation(. Tv/movie, games consuls, live stream tv and the list goes on)

  27. Capricorn One! Reply

    Nvidia Shield TV at number 3??! Joke Reviewer 😂😅🤣😂Fire TV isn't technically Android TV!
    Air TV would be a good Honorable Mention!

  28. Cesar Moreno Reply

    Nvidia Shield is the best of the best. The Xiaomi Mi Box S is a great cheap alternative or a great secondary android TV box. I own both. Love my Shield and I am very satisfied with my Mi Box.

  29. Just buy a Mecool KM9 pro it has chromecast and its a strong media player. You can get it for like 45$

  30. You should buy beelink king 'cause it's wonderful relation price/quality.

  31. Sky_stider223 Reply

    Could we get some of TV broadcast live tv with any of these? All I want is a sports channel so I don’t miss the NHL Stanley cup/play offs A&E mtv comedy network and discovery channel and others
    Does such a thing exist outside getting satellite tv or cable

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