Features: More colours means more realism. A TRILUMINOS™ Display with its specially-developed backlight selectively maps colours across a wider gamut, …




  1. hritik roshan Reply

    Bro does this model connect to home theater, sound bar, mobile connected with Bluetooth or not??


    please dont buy sony tv it is expensive and qualityis not very best as rge expensive price compare to others brand. i bought 49 inch 75000 rupees tv of sony after 1 year it shows horizontal lines between screen

  3. chandan kazi Reply

    Don't go with Sony, very bad customer service. I am the example in front of you with my high value defective TV

  4. What's the name of the track you used for the intro? It sounds awesome. Good rewiew btw.

  5. Piter Suberlak Reply

    Hey man nice video, im thinking about getting this tv. How are you liking it? Any advice? I read that the black levels on it are really bad.

  6. Dhaval Soni Reply

    X80e is usa model and no warranty will be provided by sony india

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