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I spent 24 hours in New York using nothing but Android Pay. This is what happened…

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  1. Joshua Shalam Reply

    I kinda want to know how much google gave them to spend

  2. lost musician Reply

    I thought he will do something related to F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

  3. arkofdragonface Reply

    I got one for you you should challenge yourself not to use Google pay for 24 hours

  4. Imran Hossain Reply

    You should've been like …(at an apple)

    Ummm.. do you accept Android pay?

    Apple employee:(in mind)oh I see i see what your trying to do .but……. Simply just says no-_-

  5. RTX Gaming Reply

    Lewis : 24 hours using nothing but android pay to survive a day
    Me : 24 hours using nothing to survive a day

  6. Aydin Jalilov Reply

    Three years later I am in NYC with my Google Pixel and not every place where I went accepts Google Pay. But it is not too bad though.

  7. Wait…don't you live in Canada? This is significantly easier in big cities in Canada (like Toronto, or Vancouver) – it's barely any effort. The ONLY time I've EVER had to take out my actual card in the last 3 years is – paying more then $100 (there's a soft limit on tap to pay, even if you're tapping an actual card) OR at bars… I dont know why but bars hate tap-to-pay in all forms. Little trick, don't ask if they take googlepay, if they take tap to pay they 99% take googlepay the machine doesn't know the difference between a phone tapping and an actual card tapping.

  8. banana bread Reply

    It would be nice to see uncle loi was out more and we had a chance to see him

  9. Yasen Alexandrov Reply

    24 hours trying not to pay anything.

    The police told me I can leave after my mom pays the guarantee.
    But I refused to pay!


    $304.52 for a fresh pair of 👟kicks👟 not bad🤔

  11. Shamsunnahar Parul Reply

    why didn't you guys go to GUCCI and see if they accept Android Pay

  12. 6ixth Dimension Reply

    I can actually spend 24 hours without spending anything. Just living with parents, btw

  13. Rohan Kirkland Reply

    Your videos are on point! The studio shots are obviously good because you have a light setup. I always wondered what your natural lighting shots would look like. I'm impressed, the quality is just as rich outside as in. Good on you bro

  14. 2017 : ‘I can use My PHONE AS A CREDIT CARD’
    2019: ‘I always use my phone to pay’

  15. Sorry but going to McDonald's is kind of cheating and can be done nearly everywhere

  16. Eddygeek18 Reply

    Your in the middle of a huge city center of course they'll accept android pay. I live in a small village and i can tell you now most places don't accept card let alone android pay. I'll stick with cash thanks.

  17. Saravanan K Reply

    what no one watching in street hey this is lewis hilestinger😱

  18. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation Reply

    Lol and I, Use a credit card

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