The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question? The shirt! MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I …




  1. Naomi Disaster Reply

    Apple should just not come out with an iPad until it looks different at this point

  2. Me great I just got the second Ipad pro 3rd generation 12.9 inch 😩😒

  3. TroutOfOrder Reply

    might use a third of the corona $1000 on a new magic keyboard damn

  4. Shaurya Tiwari Reply

    If you ever plan to giveaway your Ipad , count me in . I need one sooooo badly !

  5. funny meme unless he bought the licensing rights for that video from apple or whoever made it, they are well withing their rights to file a legal takedown. don't complain about how broken the youtube copyright system is if you can't even follow it yourself.

  6. Avishek Saha Reply

    This i pad can't replace a computer. Because i pad and computer totally different device. But this i pad some kind of work do in computer. It is very easy to carry.

  7. The cpu is not even better than the cpu in 2018 IPadPro.
    This could be the difference of two tests on one IPad, yet its the difference of two models, 2 years apart.
    2018: 1111 und 4604
    2020: 1114 und 4654
    This is was Apple did in two years. Unbelievable ! One new Camera, more Ram in the biggest version and a new sensor for AR.

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  9. btw the ram or any other insides don't actually matter much, cos, u kinda don't use it. I wish the insides was worse (enough+a lil bit to the lvl it actually needs) and the price was lower

  10. James Madison Reply

    Don't need. Very trendy and ego boost, no doubt. Where is it made?

  11. As someone that has a second generation iPad Pro with the pencil and keyboard, the answer on replace is absolutely NO. If you work in the business world, iPad Pro is a nice tool for on the go but too many limitations to actually replace a laptop. I’m always reaching for my MacBook or Dell.

  12. Dominik Pieper Reply

    Hey Marques… you wonder why the Apple put a good camera inside? It was the most important fact for industial use. We use Ipads in medicine, in constructon (BIM is coming more then ever), etc.
    The camera was always the missing part for us.

    iPad Pro's aren't made for Video-Makers… the are made for indunsty. They have to show that its not a toy, its a tool, it's an instrument.

  13. I’ve noticed that all the creators are “getting” 12.9 inch models of the new iPad. Is that what apple sends them?

  14. Yaseen Elshazly Reply

    Mkbhd: "It crushes Geekbench, putting out the highest single core score ever on a mobile device."

    Surface Pro: Laughs in Core i7

  15. Damian Brown Reply

    Give it a year or two and the battery will be tat.

    But then apple don't mind as a lot of their fans will upgrade every 6-12 months.

    Otherwise, very cool gadget!

  16. Tanmay Jyothis Reply

    Hey whats up guys? So I've been using the 2020 iPad for about 2020 years now…

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