Easy to Change your Android TV box launcher screen or Home Screen CetusPlay App for android phone: CetusPlay need to be installed on …




  1. mr.c.p. brown Reply

    I was always able to download TV launcher straight from box. I used that 3rd party app for my Fire Stick. I'm curious to see if it will let me download any of the other Android themes, wallpapers, through my phone.

  2. Работает,но не показывает рекомендации,как исправить?

  3. sir, could you help me,, i bought this tv box, but i couldn't create google account, and i couldn't access google playstore,, could you help me?? thank you

  4. tv box Tv box launcher Reply

    Guys Hope your well. Just a question. Would you be interested in reviewing my new TV BOX launcher i just built. It looks AMAZING. Ive really Focused on customer experience. And it looks COMPLETELY differemt to ALL the generic launchers 🙂 would it be ok if i posted the link to the app on playstore?

  5. sérgio dias Reply

    Good afternoon. Could you tell me if this ROM has the Portuguese language of Brazil? Also could you tell me if it works on the Tanix tx3 mini? The last question is where can I download this ROM? Thank you.

  6. niacal4nia Reply

    I find Google now launcher using a wireless keyboard and mouse works best.

  7. Vaggelis Basoukas Reply

    I just want to change ANDROID CRAP to windows 7 !. Can you upload this video ??

  8. Patrick Faugh Reply

    Has anyone had issues installing a launcher on Android 7.1.2? I've tried several and they either freeze, won't load or Windows Launcher will not acknowledge my air mouse or remote. Other than that, my box works flawlessly. Tried Nova, Google, Apex and Microsoft, none will work.

  9. David Brown Reply

    I prefer nova launcher. They started the ugly tiles trying to copy windows 10. I hate windows 10.

  10. damnnnn that notifications lining up on the top bar. annoying af!

  11. Mishel Vaniev Reply

    There is many guides to install an ORIGINAL android TV launcher with services and market in the internet. It is not same easy, but it is original google app.

  12. erhan ozcanak Reply

    when I install it
    install application
    Unfortunately, it stopped?
    I can not load any Launcher.
    My device is A5x Max 4/16

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