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  1. Vojislav Marković Reply

    Hi, very good video for X96 mini. I have problems with it when I am connecting with usb stick. I have very often freezing of pictures and then I have to power off box, nothing else. I am using MX player on it. What I have to do to fix this problem? Maybe hard reset or something else? Thank you for your answer in advance.

  2. Ratheesh Krishnankutty Reply

    Do TX3mini can play HEVC H2.65 format movies downloaded from Torrent.

  3. Gerard Bitton Reply

    Curious but can I cast through wifi movies stored on my PC instead of transferring to a portable HD? can it read a external HD through USB?

  4. John Ridpeath Reply

    Good video.i have it for IPTV but not greatly impressed with it as looses pictures quite a lot what's your view?

  5. Estefania Lopez Orrego Reply

    Hola me puedes explicar porfa como le acomodo la pantalla a mi tv box para que acople a la tv

  6. vogeto bolton Reply

    Can I hook up external harddrive with x265 hevc files, and will it play off that

  7. Sadatul Islam Reply

    does it includes a free ir blaster cable? or does it works without ir blaster cable? as it has a ir blaster port so making me confused!

  8. Hi You seem pretty clued up with this stuff.
    Hoping you or someone could advise me.
    I have the older x96 version 6.0.1 it does not seem to work with Kodi anymore someone told me its because of the old version. and that i need 7.0 or later box.
    I have tried to update but it says that it has the latest version. Does that mean i need newer firmware and is that possible.Or do i have to get a newer one.
    Thanks for any advise you can offer. Cheers

  9. Robo_dog 20 Reply

    Try play roblox,Fortnite and Minecraft games that people will want to play

  10. Nyoman Merta Reply

    Compare between tanix tx3mini H and x96mini, which one that can play netflix HD instead of SD??

  11. CodeNationBD Reply

    The actual cpu speed is 1.2Ghz. Please use cpuz for all your devices to get valid information. The company is a liar. You do a great job making those videos 👌.

  12. PS4 & Stuff Reply

    Just got this for xmas lol. Already have Sony Bravia android tv but this box would probably be faster

  13. Typical Bangali Reply

    What 720p on YouTube! My 8/1 gb version support 1080p on YouTube😃

  14. Typical Bangali Reply

    I got the X96 mini 8/1GB version for 13$ on sale it works ok.

  15. Prashanth Bhaskar Reply

    Thanks for the review man! Can you plz tell me if prime video is supported? And also ,can I watch online movies from chrome browser application?

  16. I have one on order from AliExpress, hopefully I can watch tubi tv app movies.

  17. Smart Tech l سمارت تيك Reply

    Hi, which one do you recommend X96 Mini or TX3 Mini ??

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