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  1. For Payonerr Reply

    if any one want to learn android then this is best place , very nice and easy explanation.Thanks sir for this outstanding tutorial.

  2. sachin pandey Reply

    the genymobile folder is not to be seen anywhere in my pc..

  3. Peter Griffin Reply

    Does Genymotion run faster in Android Studio than it does in standalone mode?

  4. Is this part of some playlist? I didn't find it on any one of them.

  5. Santosh Bhandary Reply

    hy Vivz i tried to install ADT ,during the process I checked on "cmd"  too. EXcept from "java"       ,"javac" and "android"
       didn't recognized as an  internal or external command, operable program or batch file .

  6. Shaik Azhar Reply

    you always produce great tutorials …thank you very much ..(are you using Vista ..?)

  7. Bhargav Pandya Reply

    Please Vivz make your all Android Video in Android Studio because All Sample Example of Android Developer Website are only for Android Studio and Android Studio is the Official IDE of Android.

  8. Karnik Ram Reply

    Video tutorials on the Gradle build system would be very helpful! Thanks! 

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