Here are surprising facts about Latvia that you may not have known about.

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  1. Kristofers Kazaks Reply

    I live in Latvia i have a Latvian name ima speak my language nu nē jā

  2. Kastan555 Apinu Reply

    Beyond the fact that our flag is the oldest, its got a really badass story to it

  3. Guy is talking shite!economy is dead,drugs every where, no work,nationalistic and ect

  4. All latvians-go back home and love your dzimtene!
    In 1990 you were the loudest who shout – motherland!Latvia! And what? You all left your so beloved dzimtene.
    Country is dead!
    Hello from Bolderaja!

  5. Anna Krūze Reply

    I'm from Latvia I will rite sum thing

    Es mīlu latviju jo viņa ir ļoti skaista!

  6. I'm from Latvia and I like that Latvia is a big part of World War I

  7. 5 years ago there were about 2milion people in Latvia now it's just 1.4-1.5 milion, because no one wants to live there anymore

  8. + The greatest export products of Latvia are Kristaps Porziņģis and Davis Bertāns
    + What we currently call the Latvian language is pretty old and related to Sanskrit. Nobody knows exactly why.
    + Latvians love beer, songs and ice hockey

  9. teili the fox Reply

    Hi I'm Latvian and I live in Skrıveri
    Yes it a place in Latvia
    If you don't believe me
    Look it up in Google maps

  10. Softie LimeSamy Reply

    Makes sence.. I'm 11 and i'm like 5’1FT(5 feet 1 27⁄64 inch) 156 cm

  11. Im Latvian and so ask me if you want to know more about Latvia my favorite thing about Latvia is the history and culture

  12. Inconspicuous Shed Reply

    Latvia Has Tall And Beatiful Women

    Men: Am i a joke to you?

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