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  1. Moayad Abu Rmilah Reply

    May I know what brand your desktop keyboard is?


    I decided to choose Kotlin over Java because of No.6 NPE, I remember writing codes in Java and praying against NPE. imaging that.

  3. More modern than java? Lol just that statement alone shows you have no experience.

  4. Mahantesh Biradar Reply

    “Kotlin or Java? What should an Android developer learn in 2019?”

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  5. Sensible Squidward Reply

    I can live with you saying coatlin but I hate that you said flavors of a program languages 🤢

  6. David Prock Reply

    Its has been an extremely long time since I made desktop apps, started with VB6 and switched to Borland Delphi 7, that is my past experience, I never used java, for a personal app I want to make for my phone, would I be good for just learning kotlin? My app will involve a lot of working with what's on the screen, doing lots of comparisons of selected screen regions saved as images, lots of individual timers, and more.

  7. Citizen Goose Reply

    For fucks sake just keep java. I get really pissed every time something like this happens. Like, why don't they just modify java instead of creating a whole new language?

  8. Bogdan Lonchuk Reply

    Look at this Kotlin Android application source code. It costs only 9$

  9. Andy Wicks Reply

    … and then I looked at the comments below – there are some shallow trolls out there. Introductions are always that – introductions. If they covered the detail then you would lose your listener just to show how clever you are. You have the talent to make this topic accessible – well done and long may you continue. 🙂 🙂

  10. Andy Wicks Reply

    This is an excellent overview. I have been programming for decades (do you remember punch cards?) and have been through many new paradigms. Your explanation of the advantages of Kotlin has convinced me that there is time to try one more before hanging up my keyboard. Thanks and thumbs up from me. 🙂

  11. Learn TheNew Reply

    Hi, thanks for motivating Android from Java to Kotlin and its differences modification and features in kotlin.

  12. Ammar Morad Reply

    So I am new to Android Developement so which language should i learn first Kotlin or Java (I am not experienced with OOP or varriables ,…etc)

  13. Eric Sison Reply

    If you missed a semi colon in Android Studio, the IDE will help you locate where you missed it. So I don't see why you would write hundreds of lines of codes while missing one single semi colon if you use Java.

  14. Jerry Destremps Reply

    Listen. This is how it’s pronounced:

  15. Jerry Destremps Reply

    When you learn how to pronounce the product like everyone else does, I’ll watch your video. “Coat”lin? Really?

  16. Rationalific Reply

    Noob Kotlin question for 2:07 – What if you have more than one button? Isn't CAPITAL "Button" a class instead of an individual button name?

  17. SSchithFoo Reply

    Ohh just give it enough time and the elitists "experts" will find ways to over complicate development in Kotlin. This is what happened to Java with countless shit frameworks like Spring.

  18. Once Google forced developers to leave eclipse and replaced it with stupid Android studio is enough .
    Now I like android studio but sometimes when i saw gradle error that happens because of stupid reasons i really miss 4 eclipse ,so i will not leave java because of this new weak copy of java until Google stops support java

  19. Hendra Wijaya Djiono Reply

    From how you code I can know that you are not an experienced android developer

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