Beau HD gives us ten features of Android 5.1 Lollipop that were not available in previous versions of Android. Some of the features of Android 5.1 Lollipop …




  1. The lollipop game is not working in oppo f1s android 5.1. Doesn't even show the lollipop after several taps on android version label.

  2. Ameek Gupta Reply

    Hi! I'm from the future! Android 9.0 Pie is already out and I'm currently using Samsung's new ONE UI running the same. xD

  3. Diego Portillo Reply

    This is the worst Android version ever; Buggy, Laggy, Ugly and Immature interface. An overall pice of shit!!!

  4. Hi-Teak هايتيك Reply

    update to lollipop

  5. The lollipop dont Work in My huawei cun l21 when i try to hold the lollipop it throws me back to the settings

  6. Sai Prasad Reply

    I had accidentally deleted my default lolipop 5.1 launcher.So please give me the original launcher link in the description below.

  7. m o o n l u n a r Reply

    Can u make a video how to change android version plsss

  8. Lord Bantin Reply

    where to download the official ver. showing this should have link 4 download provided.

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