Android Oreo 8.0 has just been officially released and you’ve probably seen plenty of YouTubers review it. What you probably haven’t seen is the smaller hidden features that are actually quite useful. That’s why I made this video so you can see more Oreo goodness. Enjoy and thumbs up please! 😉

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➨ Outro, Lower Thirds, and Thumbnailed created by Devil Cube:

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  1. Naufal Rahadi Reply

    How to changes status bar color and setting app color? I forgot it

  2. Is it necessary to keep oreos in background ?? 😂😂
    Just kidding.
    Gr8 video man !

  3. Frederik Olsen Reply

    ugh those icons are fucking disgusting. its like they didnt even try with the white filler. get the icon theme pack from polycon and get your nougat google icons back

  4. Munkee Domicil Reply

    Thanks for the snooze 🙂 thanks for the video, i downloaded 8.0 the other evening. 😀

  5. "Turn on WiFi automatically." I feel like Samsung had that for the Galaxy phones at least in Nougat, if not earlier.

  6. Shreyas Raghavan Reply

    I'm watching this video for the 5th time. Just so glued to your incredible quality!

  7. Marie Claes Reply

    Pretty taste telescope firm benefit short diagnosis determine visitor.

  8. Jason Wilde Reply

    New notification shade is ugly and those colors for the music players are hideous

  9. Gina Sannino Reply

    I have the pixel but I don't have the update for my phone yet?

  10. Abdale Assal Reply

    People who complain about how they will not receive latest update never heard about custom rom

  11. Philipp Heller Reply

    I have Oreo on the 6P, but many features only seem to work on the Pixel :/

  12. That Other Guy Reply

    Icon changer not available on Nexus 6p which I believe due to not utilizing Pixel launcher

  13. i like how google wants to update everything but cant even get the update to midrange phones. iphones does better with updates. i just wat this update for my lg stylo 2 plus

  14. So why does the lockscreen wallpaper still have album art when it's in the notifications? I hate how my beautiful lockscreen changes to a blurry stretched image of the album art of whatever I'm listening to.

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