Bruno Fernandes gets his very own chant! ✋Please note: these shitty cartoons are not made for kids in any way. They contain profanity, cartoon violence and …




  1. Ruben McCammon Reply

    I’m just going to ask what were Scholes and Alex Ferguson doing in the bin…

  2. Trân Nguyễn Reply

    I’m usually the wait and see type, but boy he’s really magic

  3. Ace The beast Reply

    Bruno Bruno Bruno
    Came from sporting like Cristiano
    He goes left he goes right
    Makes defence look shite
    He’s our Portuguese magnifico

  4. cartoon Network Deutschland 2 Reply

    The best transfer from Manchester United since Ronaldo haha

  5. Omar Toukami Reply

    The best song of 442oons…for suicide…i'm kidding…i'm ITALIAN

  6. The fact dean decides to make several adult men have the voices of 6 year old girl is actually hilarious 😂 such as Bruno and Neymar

  7. Ahmed Ibrahim Reply

    44toons can make a good lot of dosh with the marketing idea of cartoon Ed Woodward make a card game brUNO.

  8. Noah Smedts Reply

    the best midfielder is kdb not bruno he is good but not the best

  9. AmazingShr3y Reply

    Now it's derby day,
    We won 2-0 at home,
    Thanks to Bruno's chip and Scott McTominay

  10. As a Liverpool fan I would like to thank MU for beating City ass 2 times this season

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